Who’s That Girl?

…let’s find out.

Amirah Jones was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Very early in life, she loved tapping into her creative side, from fashion to poetry and writing. What happened between her moving to NYC, two months after graduating college, and now, almost a decade later, is only a testament that being true to your authentic self and always remembering your why is essential. Placing herself in a box is something Amirah’s not familiar with. This is a woman who lets her creativity thrive and is able to express herself freely through a variety of art forms, including fashion consultant, creative director, freelance writer, and self-published author.Throughout her career, Amirah has had the pleasure of working with amazing clients like Banana Republic, Culture Icon Zine, Fault Magazine, Books Are Magic, and more. Until the end, Amirah will always pride herself in embracing and helping shine light on the beauty of people across many backgrounds, shapes, and sizes.


Instagram: @lookinthemirah