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Tribal Print & Sandals 

     This morning I woke up feeling on top of the world, for many reasons! Sometimes I catch myself down in the dumps, then I have to remind myself I have so much to be happy about. Being upset and complaining all the time gets you absolutely […]

What Saturday’s Are All About!

My Mom-Mom always tells me to keep my head up, at all time. The only reason I ever look down is to make sure my outfit is cooperating for a good photo! This was yet another successful weekend. Yesterday, I went to what was supposed to be a brunch, […]

Oh Monday…

   Monday’s are what you make of them. Since the sun was finally shining, I can’t complain about my day! I had a simple look going on but I felt really cute. Today I wore my favorite lipstick color, Flat Out Fabolous by MAC, which has a matte […]

Good Vibes Only

I was going through my phone, deleting pictures and such, when I came across this. This was one of my first looks I came  up with over a year ago. To me, it was something simple but I got a really good reaction and a lot of compliments […]

Rooftop Lituation

Sunday night I’m going to a rooftop party at a club downtown. You have to either wear all white or all black. I wear all black 6 days a week at my job so more than likely I’ll be wearing all white to this event. I put together […]