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Women Workin’ Wonders: Saddie Baddies

I am sure March 2020 will be in our grandchildren’s history books because what an interesting month it has been. It’s Wednesday, the last one of the month, and with only six more days left this also means that “Women Workin’ Wonders”, our interview series specifically celebrating women […]

Books Are Magic in Brooklyn

I’m so happy to announce my first book, “The Stages of Me: Poems of Growth & Metamorphosis” is now not only available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble  but it is also at one of my favorite book stores, Books Are Magic, located in Brooklyn! This is honestly such a major […]

What Does Poetry Mean To Me?

Every month feels like it comes and then in a blink of an eye, it’s gone and we’re onto the next. Before April ends I have to talk about a topic very near and dear to my heart, poetry since April is National Poetry Month! Every day of this […]

What Exactly Does 26 Feel Like?

  The older I get the more transparent I have become with expressing how I feel, no sugar-coating, when something isn’t sitting right with me. I was extremely optimistic about 2019 but then the first few days of the new year were nothing short of…interesting, to say the […]

Love Is…

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about anything that I’m willing to share. Even my poems have stayed hidden inside the depths of my notebook. I had one of my good friends check me the other night; I appreciate her beyond imaginable. She told me to […]