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   At 9pm last night Beyoncé debuted her Lemonade special on HBO. She had to drop something for us since her tour starts soon. I knew for sure I wouldn’t be home to kick back on my couch and watch it but thank God I forget to cancel […]

Two More Days – Ivy Park! 

Two days away and I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Beyoncé & TopShop’s collab active/athleisure wear line. When I saw Refinery29 put up the FULL line, I couldn’t contain myself. I fell in love with so many pieces; I’m just wondering what the prices look like. Nonetheless, they […]

FORMATION ~ Black Girl Magic

You guys just do not understand, I am so here for Beyoncé and everything she’s doing right now. Yesterday evening, around 4pm, I was in my room trying to be productive when I saw a million tweets about Beyoncé’s new song/video. PAUSE. WAIT. WHAT? I quickly clicked the first […]