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 If you know me personally, you know I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. After having an hour-long conversation with my grandmom, I started to feel better. For the past week, a spark of inspiration has grown inside of me, pushing me to go harder with […]

Hello Brooklyn 

Every time I go to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the feelings that fill my heart are indescribable. It’s just so beautiful there and it really makes me appreciate the simple things in life. Going to the garden, opens your eyes to see that you don’t have to spend […]

Saturday Brunch

Happy Saturday! While I’m waiting for my Bestfriend to meet me at our favorite restaurant in Philly for brunch, I thought I’d come up with this look. Not exactly what I’m wearing today but if I would have had more time to pack before I left NY, this […]

A Poet’s Job is Never Done

     Last night I took a leap of faith and went to a poetry slam for the second time! I’ve been writing poetry since I was in elementary school. There are three notebooks in my parents basement, filled with poems. I stopped writing for a while and […]

A Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day to live your beautiful life! This is that glow you get when you’re fresh off work, ready to explore the city. A little leg never hurt anyone, right? I actually have a lot of leg, being as though I’m 5’10, and those shoes give […]

Change Clothes and Go

 I’ve been so busy lately but Saturday night I was able to go out and enjoy myself. I went out with my girls to a birthday party in Manhattan. The architecture and art inside the venue where the party was hosted was spectacular! OMG it was amazing. I […]

Tis’ The Season

For the past month I’ve been searching for the perfect black booties for the fall/winter seasons. A huge problem I have with a lot of booties & boots is that the higher they are, the more room it is around my leg; since my legs are so skinny! […]