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Lookinthemirah’s Fifth Anniversary

Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary! Lookinthemirah turns five today. I’m beyond proud of how much this brand has grown since 2015. This thing here is mine and it’s such a beautiful feeling. Thank you for your endlessly supportive and riding with me on this […]

What Exactly Does 26 Feel Like?

  The older I get the more transparent I have become with expressing how I feel, no sugar-coating, when something isn’t sitting right with me. I was extremely optimistic about 2019 but then the first few days of the new year were nothing short of…interesting, to say the […]

She’s Really Bout’ Her Bidness

With this being my last post of 2017, I thought why not write about someone whose hustle and work ethic is beyond admirable, she’s drop dead gorgeous, and I’m convinced there’s nothing this woman can’t do, which inspires me beyond measure. Rihanna, BadgalRiri, or Robyn, whichever name you […]

Long Lashes & Red Lips

Today I used a new beauty product that I recently added to my collection, The Colossal Volum’ Express mascara from Maybelline New York. I know Dior and a few other high end brands have amazing mascara’s but there’s just something that I’ve always loved about Maybelline. Oneday I’ll […]

Love Is In The Air

  Love was in the air yesterday. My family and I attended my cousin’s wedding. I love love; it’s truly a beautiful thing. Being the indecisive person I am when it comes to clothes, I decided what I was wearing at the last-minute. I’ve worn this dress ONCE […]

Sorry MAC, Tarte It Is!

I remember back in 2014, working at Bloomingdales, which was when everybody’s eyebrows started to be “on fleek”. I didn’t then and still don’t know a ton about make-up. I have two make-up bags full of lipsticks, but concealer, foundation, or anything like that wasn’t and still isn’t […]