…I Eat A Lot of Vegetables

…I Eat A Lot of Vegetables Styled by: Amirah JonesModel: TyQurah PrideHair Stylist: Sabrina AdabaMake-Up Artist: Jazmine FosterPhotographer: Monica Palmer  Latela NY Soleïta K. Syd + Pia This shoot can be found featured in each magazine below: 17.23 Magazine Artells Magazine Marika Magazine Mob Journal Ovér

Euphoria High

Creative Director / Wardrobe Stylist: Amirah Jones @lookinthemirah Hair Stylist: Sabrina Adaba @sabrinaadaba Make-Up Artist: Jazmine Foster @jvxmine.k Model: TyQurah Pride @tyqurah Photographer: Monica Palmer @shotsbymoni This shoot can be found featured in each magazine below: 17:23 Magazine Issue 31 Vol.4 2022 Artells Magazine Marika Magazine Fashion Issue […]

Banana Republic BRAthletics

Producer: Kelly Flanagan Casting Director: Ricky Michiels Creative Director: Melissa Laux Art Director: Nate McCain Styling Director: Lexi Clayburn Public Relations: Sam Schler Photographer: Micaiah Carter Stylist: Amirah Jones Hair / Make-up: Moiz Alladina Talent: Koi, Cavier, Leon, and Dido

Holistic Healing with Maria Brito

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life? In what way does your presence on this Earth add value to it? In the past, I’ve pondered on these questions many times and I know I’m not the only person who has. Maria Brito, who is now […]