About A.

Hey everyone! *waves*. Welcome to lookinthemirah! I am 26 years young; a free-spirit with a wild heart. I’m just enjoying this adventurous thing called life. Let me just say, I like LOVE BEING A BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN! My melanin-rich skin is always glistening and my curls are constantly flourishing! I live, love, eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. Every day I learn something new and am growing like never before. Whatever interests me is what you will find throughout your time here. You can catch me brainstorming and putting together different looks for people while I’m on my way to work or maybe talking someone’s ear off about the latest hip-hop mixtape/album. You honestly never know what you’ll get from me! A breath of fresh air is something I always try to bring wherever I go. Be style, be creativity, be freedom are more than just words to me. It is the life I live on a daily basis. Do and wear what makes YOU happy! Enough about me, come follow me on this journey and take a look at what I have to talk about. Questions/comments? That’s cool! Feel free to email me at lookinthemirah@gmail.

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