Four Reminders While Moving Through Life

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I know it’s been some time but I’m back today with something short, simple, and sweet! As crazy as the world may be, this year and even 2020, I have experienced the most transformative moments of my life and I’m filled with so much gratitude. I’ve also read and reread four books (“The Alchemist”, “The Mastery of Love”, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, and “Atomic Habits”) that have expanded my thinking and truly made me look at life differently. I also started therapy a few months ago and It’s been such a beautiful experience. I’m constantly unlearning the things I thought I had to do or who I had to be in order to get where I wanted in life. And to be honest, life still has no problem testing me, trying to kick my ass sometimes. I get tired. I get creative blocks. I always prevail though but still. While I took some time to myself and examined my relationships with the work I do, social media, and myself, I noticed four things that really stuck out. These four reminders are helpful to me and hopefully, you can carry them with you through this beautiful thing we call life.

  1. Working nonstop and team “no sleep” does not equal success. Go rest. When your body is speaking to you, please listen.
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One thing’s for certain and two things are for sure, I am going to take a nap whenever I feel it’s needed! Not too long ago I was someone who would work myself to exhaustion. Taking a break, stepping away from my computer, or even just having a day or three off just wasn’t something I was willing to do. I believed for me to be successful and to accomplish everything I intend to do in a “timely” manner (cough cough, before the age deadlines I had), that I needed to work hard and I’d rest whenever everything was completed. Now, 2021 Amirah has thrown those ideas out the window. I realized how much my body hated that. My body was completely over me and my shenanigans because I’m so damn stubborn (very stellium Aquarius of me). It would say “hey girl, I’m so tired. Let’s chill out a bit?” and I would completely ignore it because I had to get that shmoney, make moves, and accept plans when I really wanted to say no. Now, I’m so intentional with everything I do. I’m well aware that I’m so abundant, in more ways than I could ever count, and that all the wonderful things I want out of life are/have been flowing to me with ease, without me trying to force it. I now honor, listen, love, and respect my body when it speaks to me.

2. Give yourself some compassion. You’re doing your absolute best and that’s all you can ever do.

I can be so hard on myself about everything. I know I’m not the only person, especially in my generation, how feels/has felt like this. We’re constantly thinking we should be doing more and should have accomplished more at our age. During my first therapy session, I told her I felt like life was passing me by and she checked me, real quick in a respectful way. Our 24/7 accessibility to social media and posting only the highlights of our life, make it so easy to compare what we are doing to the glamorous side of what others show us they’re doing. My best friend has often reminded me about being more compassionate with myself! We are all human. We all are bound to make mistakes, I know shocker, but it’s life. Not one of us is perfect and that’s okay. As long as you are putting your best foot forward each day, whatever that may look like that day (remember, resting is important and it is not you being lazy or unproductive), you’re doing amazing sweetie and I’m so proud of you!

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3. There is no handbook to this thing we call life. Experience it in a way that makes you proud and creates memories that’ll live on.

Not to be a rebel or anything (or maybe I am *evil villain laugh*) but I’m always wondering, “why?”. I have questions about everything and if the math doesn’t math and it doesn’t sound appealing to me, I am not involved. The older I get the more I’ve been questioning things in life like who said I’m supposed to work nonstop, not enjoy the fruits of my labor, retire, and then transition? That’s not cute and it doesn’t sound like a fun life to me, at all. I should be on a beach, sipping a Moscow mule, letting the sun hit all this melanin on a regular basis but that’s another story. There is no handbook to how life is supposed to go and how you’re supposed to live it. We all have such different paths and journeys and I’m always going to do what I want, period. I love dancing, good conversations, and laughing and I have some of the most amazing family and friends that I get to experience life with. I’m living it out in a way that makes me so proud of the woman I am evolving into, circulates joy in my life, brings my loved ones together, and creates beautiful memories.

4. Journaling is a beautiful way to get your feelings out of your head and shows you all the progress throughout your healing journey (and life in general).

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Between fashion and writing, I can’t pinpoint which was my first love but I know expressing my deepest feelings and thoughts through words has been a forever thing for me. I still have a bunch of my journals from high school and I giggle while reading about my life back then. Just last month, I finished a journal that I was pretty consistent writing in that I started back in July of 2020. It was great just to flip through and see my feelings and thoughts throughout the year and to be able to smile at where I am now. No matter how supportive your family/friends are, it’s still something special about being able to just sit with yourself and all the many things that may be going through your mind and just write about it until your hand cramps up. At the top of each journal entry I started including the date, the time, a song that I’m listening to, and one thing I’m grateful for. It’s made a huge difference in my writing and now I make it my business, no matter how busy I am, to journal daily and really be honest with myself about however I am be feeling.

I hope August is such a life-changing month for you and the things you’ve been manifesting come to fruition. Please remember to listen to your body, give yourself compassion, live life out to its fullest extent, and grab a journal to start writing in so you’re able to look back at your growth in years to come.