Women Workin’ Wonders: Emani Sims

Happy Women’s Month and Happy International Women’s Day! If you’ve been following Lookinthemirah for some time, then you know that since March of 2019 I’ve been doing a segment called, “Women Workin’ Wonders”, where I interview some amazing women within the fashion, beauty, music, and wellness space about all that they do! This year is no different and I’m so excited to share our first interview with Emani Sims, Owner of Women’s Fashion Boutique Taurae. I own a few pieces from Taurae and am completely obsessed with them all. Each piece compliments the body perfectly, shows a little bit of skin, and keeps you comfortable all in one. Taurae started during the pandemic like many other black-owned businesses but fueling our passions as a way to expand our income. Being able to chat with Emani was such a great moment! We laughed and talked about so much. She is a light with amazing energy, and I’m so excited to let you all in on everything Emani has done, is doing, and plans for the future with her boutique, that I’m sure you all will love!

Being originally from the windy city, Chicago, Emani stayed active in sports and creative activities while growing up. She participated in ballet and even played basketball, volleyball, and ran track in high school. Volleyball became her true love, which eventually lead to her going to the University of Miami and playing volleyball there. Afterward graduating from college, Emani decided to play volleyball overseas in Germany for a year. That was an experience she will never forget! On her off days, she was able to travel and was surrounded by so many women from different countries. Emani knew eventually she would come back to the States and have to face and answer the, “what’s next?” question in her life.

The event, sales, and hospitality route was the path Emani choose once it was time for her to leave Germany. She’s super friendly and it seemed like the perfect lane for her to go down but shortly after landing a job at an event design wedding corporation that she was really excited about, COVID-19 hit. As you know, this virus has completely changed the way restaurants, parties, weddings, and other events function. It’s just not the same and it caused Emani to be without a job. She isn’t new to fashion and is a firm believer that if it’s in you, it’s for you! The creative juices have been flowing in her since birth! The name Taurae is broken down by her zodiac sign, which is a Taurus and the rae comes from a part of her middle name, which is Brenita-Rae. Her middle name brings together parts of her mother’s, father’s, and grandfather’s names. Her grandfather was super stylish and extremely creative. Emani believes 100% he still lives through her family daily and she’s keeping his legacy alive by including him into her business!

The early 2000s was an unforgettable time for fashion and streetwear. There were so many brands with Black celebs at the face and it was only right we need to rock what they were wearing! Emani and I instantly reminisced on growing up wearing the Baby Phat velour sweatsuits, South Pole, and Rocawear. Whew, what a time to be alive! Emani agrees that these were her brands of choice but she wasn’t tied down to just one and would wear whatever resonated with her! Even today, she has to remember to separate her personal style from Taurae, at times. As the company has grown, she’s gotten more and more of an understanding of what her customers like. They aren’t solely focused on trends and want pieces that are versatile and that can go a long way. She can’t pinpoint her personal style into one category. She considers her style to be more chic, with pops of color, and a little bit girly! The pieces you see on Taurae also reflect that and so many women gravitate towards this vibe. At first, Emani thought she was crazy for really starting a business during a pandemic but also realized that so many women are still shopping and still want to be cute, even if they’re at home on Zoom calls!

Being a tall woman has its perks, like being able to reach the highest shelf in the kitchen cabinet, but a lot of times it is extremely hard to find jeans and pants that gracefully touch the ground! Emani and I are both 5’10, so we bonded on tall girl struggles and how Taurae has pieces that are specifically for us! Like many women who are above the average height, Emani felt like we were left out and forgotten about. There are some brands that carry longer inseams but they are usually the most boring and basic styles. Blah, that’s no fun! Initially, Emani wanted her entire company to be based on providing for tall women. She’s been able to source longer styles and manufacture longer inseams and still have options for women who are shorter than us. I have both jeans and pants from Taurae and the length is just absolutely perfect! The fact that the quality is phenomenal and I’m purchasing them from a woman with melanated skin, who looks like me, makes me beyond happy! We both agreed that the pieces you find at Taurae are simple sexy, not too much and not too little but just enough! From sleek, slip dresses to cut-out bodysuits that show just a little bit of skin. Emani is big on making sure everything available for her customers is cute, comfy, and makes them feel confident!

It’s not just about clothes at Taurae, but also about building a community. Of course, you’ll receive emails about new styles and what sales are going on but Emani also includes newsletters that dive into self-care and mindfulness, giving you some encouraging words to carry with you throughout your day. The first time I saw one of these emails I was shook! It truly stood out to me because I had never seen a fashion boutique do this but yet I love it every single time I receive one! You never know how or when you can make someone’s day a little brighter. If you have the chance, why not do it? Emani knows how tough life can be on us all and wants to uplifting women from the inside out. Connecting with women on their style journey is so important because she’s able to meet women from all walks of life and attract women like herself in the community!

The passion that Emani has for Taurae and everything she’s putting into it is such a beautiful sight! We’re only three months into 2021 and there have already been some really cute new arrivals on Taurae that I know we all could add to our wardrobe. I know there will be tons of more success coming to Emani and Taurae, this year and years to come. I’m so happy for everything that’s happening with Taurae in the near future and will for sure be here to support and uplift Emani! Below are the links for you to get to know Taurae, Emani, and treat yourself to some retail therapy because you deserve!


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