A Community That Showcases Every Style

Creator of Fits From The Streets, James aka Puda

Everyone has their own sense of style and enjoys putting their outfits together their own special way. Neutral colors may be the go-to for some, while bright colors and loud prints way be the vibe for others. James ,also known to his family and friends as Puda, created Fits From The Streets which is a community showcasing every style no matter where you’re from, how old you are, or what you do for a living. I had the pleasure of speaking with Puda about his love for fashion, the major influences of the Black community, the importance of uplifting everyone he comes into contact with, and how what he’s doing now will grow into something even bigger in the future.

Puda vividly remembers when fashion first became important to him. He was young, around four-five years old (’90s baby)! Seeing celebrities dressed in their high fashion pieces isn’t really what influenced Puda but more so by how his dad and uncle dressed up. He grew up in Camden, New Jersey, and saw people in the streets putting looks together that were so fly! Streetwear brands like State Property and Rocawear were booming at the time and he loved how our culture could make clothing that was inexpensive look like a million bucks! People were confident about what they were wearing and weren’t so much in competition with the next person. They weren’t afraid to be different and just wear whatever! Confidence is key in everything you do and a saying that Puda lives by is, ” it’s not on you, it’s in you.” How you present yourself to the world and how you carry yourself is what separates you from others.

Fits From The Streets first debuted in June of this year but the idea has been around for years! The name is reminiscent of the TV series on BET back in the early 2000s, “Hits From The Streets” with Al Shearer, a show that Puda watched every day after school. Puda goes everywhere all over the U.S. and talks to people about what they’re wearing and records it all. With everything going on this year, he wanted to bring people together, in a virtual way, and create a community that showcases everyone’s style. The way you dress is an expression of you, your mood, and your personality. Puda says that women are the best dressed and I can agree! We know how to mix it up and switch it up, with ease. When you see Fits From The Streets, you’ll see people from all walks of life, from the city to the suburbs, feeling excited to let everyone in on what they have on. Going to places like Camden and Philly means the most to Puda because those are the cities he feels are left out most. When I watch each video, it’s the versatitlity for me! One day you may see someone with Off-White on and the next, their entire outfit is thrifted.

One thing I love about Fits From The Streets is that since Puda is a super friendly and charismatic guy, he makes everyone feel special and good about themselves as they’re giving him the details of their outfits. He was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO. The money you have or the designer clothes you wear doesn’t make you better than the next person. At the end of the day, when it’s our time to go we can’t take any of this with us anyway. Also, Puda mentions you never know what people may be going through. Being the spark of light in someone’s dark life could help them more than you’d ever know.

Just recently, thanks to the advice of Puda’s mom, he trademarked the Fits From The Streets name and is making major moves! You may see him on Broad Street in Philly and the next week he’ll be in Beverly Hills, California. He has ears to the streets and is consistently on the go! This is just his first venture but has plans of starting a podcast that’ll celebrate entrepreneurs of all avenues. Creating community center’s in cities like Camden, Philly, and Detroit is also another project has up his sleeve. These community centers will focus primarily on the arts and its many aspects. It’s essential, for these cities especially, to have more community centers to have someplace for kids and young people to go do what makes them happy, still be safe, and let their imaginations run wild.

I’m so happy for Puda and all the amazingness he’s doing with Fits From The Streets! He’s continuously putting on for his city and Black culture! Here are some of Puda’s favorite looks so far and below is a link to Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, so you can follow along with all the dope looks and possibly be featured!

Instagram: @fitsfromthestreets

TikTok: @fitsfromthestreets

Twitter: @FitsFTS