My First Time Going to an Esthetician…

I’m not exaggerating at all but my experience at Full Frontal Beauty & Esthetics was a complete game changer and now I’m really wondering what I’ve been doing with my life all this time. Kira gave me a skin analysis and since I was never 100% sure what skin type I had, she confirmed that I indeed have oily skin. She had me breakdown my daily routine, including morning and nightly products that I use and also recommended products to me that my skin would love and appreciate for better hydration. She even extracted some of the breakouts I had on my forehead and gave me a facial that smelled like I was in a garden of flowers! Textures don’t bother me at all, so the facial was so soothing and relaxing. I sat with it over my entire face for fifteen minutes and when it was time for Kira to peel the mask off – whew it was the glow for me! I have never ever ever, even when I when I was a teenager and had the most amazing skin, seen my face look that hydrated and happy! Kira’s hands are magical, the products she uses are clean, feel good, and her professionalism is out of this world!

She’s been super precautious with covid and taking all the necessary steps to make sure her and her clients are staying safe! Please go do yourself and your skin a favor and book your appointment – below is Full Frontal Beauty & Esthetics ‘s Instagram and website!

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