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I always love seeing pictures from the ’60s with Black women with their magnificent afros, so circular, perfect and their afro picks always close by. When I was growing up, perms were a big thing. I made sure I got mine ever eight weeks, faithfully. If I went even nine or ten weeks without it, I would become so aggravated by my new growth, which created two completely different textures on my head. Almost all of my friends would get perms too and if they didn’t, they straightened their hair often. Luckily, the generation after me has much more hope in loving their natural beauty from an early age and London James Boyce is proof! London is the world’s youngest ever African American author to be published, actress, entertainer, model, and entrepreneur. There’s literally nothing she can’t do and her strides to making sure other girls and boys, women and men, love themselves, and their naturalness isn’t going unnoticed. I got to talk with London about all the amazing things she’s done/doing and where her drive comes from.


London James Boyce is just seven years old, from Houston, Texas, and is already taking the world by storm! Her book “Wonder London: I Hate My Curly Hair” was recently released and talks about the struggles and insecurities of being a Black girl with big curly hair, especially when not around people who can’t relate but then learning to embrace naturalness because our hair is magical. Wonder London is a superhero series and there is already a second book in the works! “Wonder London: I Hate My Curly Hair” was written because London wanted other girls and boys to feel special about themselves. She wants to remind others that we’re both magical and powerful. London’s favorite way to wear her hair is braided up into two buns at the top with a braid coming down on each side. London and I talked about how versatile Black hair is. We can go from a curly fro to braids, to our hair straightened, back to curls. We can wear any style and still always look flawless! She even told me that we’re like unicorns and I couldn’t agree more, we really are!

curly wonder

To help keep the curly community inspired, London created a movement called “Curly Girl Movement” which is like a group of curly sisters, all-embracing their natural curls and loving how they look no matter what. As you can see from the photo above, all the girls have Black dolls, which is so important. Representation truly does matter.  Playing with dolls, seeing people, models, actresses, successful Black people who look like you play a big role in how you see yourself and what you believe you are capable of. Having London talk to me about this group really made me so happy because it’s so necessary to have this support system around. “Curly Girl Movement” is for curly girls to really feel free, understood, and accepted. This movement wasn’t around in the ’90s for my generation but it is now and our children and then their children are being welcomed with open arms to self-love in all its many forms.

This summer hasn’t been ideal for any of us. In January, we were already planning vacations for June-August but the pandemic had other plans. London said she’s been pretty bored this summer but she’s still being active by helping her community. London is a Co-Owner, alongside her teen comedian brother TJ Boyce, of “Boyce Kid’s Cream Machine” and they’ve been providing free ice cream to Health care workers and families during the pandemic. This a beautiful sight because London and TJ are bringing light to others’ lives during a very difficult time. Ice cream is one of London’s favorite desserts and she’s also the first-ever African American model to be featured on a product for Blue Bell Ice Cream. Also, next month the Lionsgate thriller “Antebellum” is being released, in which London plays the daughter of singer, actress, and entertainer Janelle Monáe. The link to the trailer is below. This summer hasn’t been too boring after all because London still has a lot to look forward to and is excited to continue serving the community her cream machine and for everyone to see “Antebellum”.

I hope London has inspired you as much as she’s inspired me. At such a young age she’s doing phenomenal, groundbreaking work and helping others to notice and embrace their beauty. London is showing young Black girls and boys that anything is possible and that self-love is key!

Here’s a link to check out London’s website

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