Women Workin’ Wonders: Michelle Jones-Brown aka My Mom

It’s finally the last Friday of March. I have no idea how the months have been flying by so quickly, but spring is right around the corner so I can’t complain; warmer weather, more sun, which is all I have been waiting for. For this final part of my mini-series, “Women Workin’ Wonders”, I switched it up just a little bit. This amazing woman doesn’t even know I’m doing a post about her today! For twenty-six years, Michelle Jones-Brown has played the biggest role in my life. I’ve always looked up to her because she’s intelligent, an amazing baker, super selfless, hardworking, resilient, and extremely gorgeous. Michelle Jones-Brown is not only all these things and so much more, but she’s also half of the reason why I’m on this Earth today; yup, that’s right, she’s my mom!

My mom had little ol’ me when she was just eighteen years old. She was nowhere near ready to take on the responsibility of being someone’s mom but she made it work and did a great job at it! My dad was in and out of my life but not once did I feel a void in my life because of it. My mom and grandparents always made sure I knew I was loved like crazy and cared about beyond measure. My mom was also in school. I vividly remember being at her Nursing school graduation screaming so loud for her! She’s always made me proud and two decades later I’m still proud of her and all the amazing things she’s accomplished.

I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past but I am indeed a shopaholic. Trying to be a responsible adult, I have calmed down a lot with my wild spending habits but I do blame my mom for this! When she would pick me up from elementary school, I would tell my mom straight up that I didn’t want to go home. “Where do you want to go Amirah?”, she would ask, even though she knew the answer, and without hesitation, I would say “out to eat or to Willow Grove Mall.” We’d always end up at Children’s Place picking out the most fly clothes and then out to eat at T.G.I. Friday’s and just eat and talk. I have so many memories and good times spent with my mom that I can’t even begin to tell in this blog post, it’s just not enough space!


If you’ve had the honor of meeting my mom, had a conversation with her, or heard me tell you about her, you know for a fact she’s a real one! My whole entire life she’s been very blunt and honest with me about anything I ask. I’m able to come to her when I need to vent about work, men, or whatever may be going on in my life; I know she won’t judge me. Something that use to bother me a lot is that my mom seems to be right 9986866.9% of the time. She’ll tell me something doesn’t sound right or I need to cut a person off but me being me, oh by the way we’re both Aquarius’ very stubborn people which I can attest to, I tend to take matters into my own hands. There’s just something in me that needs to be sure myself but then things usually go the way she says they would and I’m in some deep shit or with a broken heart.

My family is full of funny people. My mom, my step-dad, and my Pop-Pop always have jokes for days. Being around them, you know for sure you’ll get a good laugh! But my mom really has me cracking up a lot of the time because she says some of the wildest things but that’s just her. This message above is from a few years ago but I always kept it because it’s motivation for me to keep pushing to create the life I want and love. This was my first and last time working a 9-5. The experience was great but I realized very quickly it wasn’t for me. I don’t like being confined to one space and not being able to make my own executive decisions. The day before this conversation, I was pretty much the boss for a day and was in charge of a huge photo shoot for my job at the time. I picked the location, models, styled them, etc. It was such a dope feeling being in control!

My mom has always told me, ever since I can remember, that I can do whatever I put my heart and mind to. I know sometimes my family thinks I’m crazy because freelancing has me real-life stressed out sometimes, they’ve seen me crying my eyes out on many occasions but this is what comes with grinding to become your own boss. My mom has supported me in all my careers choices, especially moving to NYC. Every day I remind myself this whole thing is so much bigger than me. I go hard so that one day, sooner than later, I can take my mom on trips, create more experiences with her, and make sure she doesn’t have to worry about a thing. She literally has given me the best life I could have ever asked for and she deserves the world and so much more.


For years my mom struggled with her weight, which also made her have to take a number of medications for high blood pressure and other issues. I loved my mom no matter what size she was, but I definitely wanted her to still be around to see me get married, have kids, and enjoy her life! On Valentine’s Day of 2017, my mom got surgery that removed almost 3/4’s of her stomach. Since then, she has become vegetarian, cut down on snacking, and watches what she eats. I’m actually trying to get her to start her own food blog, that she keeps putting off. Oh, that’s another thing about her, she can throw down! Both my mom and step-dad are forever whippin’ it up in the kitchen! My mom has lost so much weight since her surgery, 92lbs to be exact. She’s always telling me how I’ve had her proud but she’s made me and the rest of my family proud of her. She’s really turned her life around and is now living a much healthier lifestyle so she can be around with us much longer.


Here is what my sisters had to say about my mom…

Lay (15 years old),

“I love Mommy to the moon and back. There’s nothing/no one I would ever trade her for. She’s the most selfless person I know. I know everyone wants to believe that their mom is the best, but I believe that I already have the best one there is. She’s not only so beautiful, but she’s also encouraging, honest, loving, hardworking, and much more. No matter how tired/overwhelmed she may be, she ALWAYS puts everyone else’s wants and needs before her own. She may be my mom, but she’s also one of the best people to have in your life because she always has your best interest at heart for those she loves. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing person in my life.”

Jae (17 years old),

“I feel that I was truly blessed to have an amazing mom like mine. She’s always there to listen to my problems and show me ways to get past them. She always makes time to sit and talk with us and ask how we’re doing in school; I really appreciate that. She really takes time to show that she deeply cares about us and our feelings. I just feel extremely lucky to have a mom like her.”

Something else you should know about my mom is that she is the most phenomenal baker that I know. She has made cakes and other desserts for baby showers, birthdays, graduations, and much more. I personally told myself I was going to cut down on sweets because since I was little, I’ve had a crazy sweet tooth but next week she’s making one of my close girlfriends a birthday cake, which she’s been doing for her for the past three years, and I definitely need a slice! The colors, the themes, the desserts she makes always come out so beautiful, breathtaking, and delicious. My mom is her biggest critic; she’ll complain about her cake not being pretty but it looks amazing and gets a crazy amount of compliments. Whatever flavor you like, I’m sure she’s done it and has done it very well. She’s made me red velvet cake with a slice of raspberry filling, cookies n creme cake, confetti, you name it! She’s extremely talented; it literally blows my mind! Everyone is always excited when she’s baking!

Honestly, I’m just beyond happy to call her my mom! God truly blessed me with a mom who has a heart of gold, always there for me no matter what, keeps pushing me to be my best self, and has jokes for days. All her hard work, caring personality, and charisma never goes unnoticed! This was the perfect person to end my mini-series, “Women Workin’ Wonders” with. In my eyes, there is literally nothing my mom can’t do. She’s legit superwoman and I hope she knows how much she is loved and appreciated every single day!