Women Workin’ Wonders: Good Gals


Happy Friday and welcome to Part II of Women Workin’ Wonders! As you may know, every Friday of March I will be letting you guys into the lives of different women doing some amazing things! This week I had the chance to chat and laugh with the four women of Good Gals, which is a vlog on Youtube. The Good Gals don’t just stick to one topic, they talk about it all! From relationships to doing challenges, to what’s happening on social media, there’s no way you could possibly get bored watching them!

Here is a quick back story as to how I know these four dope women! We all are from Philadelphia. I met Kamilah, Asha, and Savannah in Pre-K and went to school with them until I was in third grade. I ended up changing schools and being so young, of course, we lost touch along the way. When I started at my new school I met my best friend, who years later ended up going to the same high school as Alston (they are best friends too), as well as Kamilah, Asha, and Savannah. I remember her randomly mentioning Kamilah’s name in conversation and I knew exactly who she was talking about; we all reunited shortly after!

Whenever I watch an episode of Good Gals I’m cracking up! I promise you, these women are hilarious and I don’t even think they know how funny they truly are! The four of them are super close, sisters basically (Asha and Savannah are really sisters, twins actually if that wasn’t already obvious from the pic above). All of their conversations are so authentic and honest. I got the chance to talk to them about how Good Gals got started, how their topics come about, and what they have planned for the future!


The name “Good Gals” came about as a play on words. Nobody is perfect but these ladies have a reputation for being “good girls” and their close-knit friendship. They reminded themselves of the modern day “Girlfriends”, all having different personalities but always being able to come together and have a good time. The name is cute, fun, and their logo will without a doubt catch your eye; created by Alston who is the main graphic designer! Their first episode came about while they were planning their trip to Jamaica back in June of 2018. They wanted to show the struggles of saving money for the vacation, good vibes, kicking back, and them just having fun! Their first episode definitely had me ready to be on an island, living my absolute best life as they were.

There are so many vloggers who have specific topics they discuss but Good Gals has much more than just a few up their sleeves. Not only do they talk but they do challenges as well! Their topics come about by their own personal thoughts and conversations they’ve had. They then go straight to their Good Gals group chat, seeing if it’s something they believe will be interesting to their viewers. They put their own twists on each subject and make it relatable. Since social media plays such a major role in all of our lives, they discuss what’s going on there as well; for example, their most recent episode is  “Red Table Talk Reaction : Good Gals Edition | Jordyn Woods VS Khloe Kardashian “ where they talked about that messy situation and give their thoughts on it!

We live in such a short attention span, fast-paced time that it’s easy for people to get bored. Good Gals isn’t a vlog for just right now, these ladies plan to be long-lasting and to do so, they have to spread their topics out and not overlap them so their content doesn’t become redundant. Instagram’s stories features like polls and questions have been one of their most useful resources for Good Gals to interact with their followers. People easily give their inputs, opinions, suggestions, and comments about each of their episodes or what they should discuss/do next!


Not until recently did I become a vlog/podcast watcher/listener. I would go on YouTube to watch music videos and that was pretty much it. Podcasts weren’t really my thing either; I’m much more of a visual person, so I’d be less likely to become distracted by watching people rather than just listening to them. Kamilah was on the same page as me, she’s more of a visual person and watches Red Table Talk and The Breakfast Club often. For future episodes, she wants Good Gals to bring more people on to talk and interview, similar to her favorites. Alston listens to Amanda Seales podcast on a regular basis. What she likes most is that Amanda keeps her listeners’ anticipation up, wondering and waiting for what she’s going to talk about next. From white people to dating men, and loving yourself, Alston knows she can get all of that from Amanda Seales and incorporates that into the wide variety of topics Good Gals discuss. Savannah and Asha listen to the Black Millennial Podcast which talks about the highs, lows, trials, and tribulations of being a black young adult right now!

With over ten plus episodes so far, it was hard for them to choose but they each gave me their favorite Good Gals episodes! Kamilah and Savannah both said “Double Standards”, which is also one of my favorites. In relationships, work, just in general, we always see men getting away with things women would be crucified for. On this particular episode, they had a male guest, which was great to see a man’s honest perspective on topics that are always okay for men but not so much for us! Kamilah being a tomboy made this episode really exciting for her because this is something she’s super passionate about and being around guys a lot, she sees these double standards happen all the time. Asha’s favorite was “Question & Answer”  , where they were asked the most random questions like baby names and favorite drinks. This one created a lot of sub-conversations based on their answers. Alston’s favorite episode was “The Dating Game” because she is currently single and thinks dating in this day and age sucks but she was able to listen to her girl’s perspectives since they are all in relationships.

This is just the beginning of more episodes of relatable discussions and a lot of laughter from Good Gals. They have a bunch of ideas they’re building on for the future and I’m excited to see what’s to come! This past week they were trying that Vegetarian life, so hopefully, we will get an episode on how that experience went. Below, you can find the link to my three favorite episodes of Good Gals! Also, make sure you subscribe to their vlog and follow them on Instagram!


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