What Exactly Does 26 Feel Like?


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The older I get the more transparent I have become with expressing how I feel, no sugar-coating, when something isn’t sitting right with me. I was extremely optimistic about 2019 but then the first few days of the new year were nothing short of…interesting, to say the least. I thought to myself, “maybe I’m just going to start the new year on February 1st because this has to be foolery that has rolled over from 2018.” My twenty-six birthday was last Tuesday; an Aquarius baby *woot-woot *. I had the most relaxing day I have had in a really long time but two days after my special day, I found myself again wondering why my life felt like a rollercoaster.

I was quickly reminded how I’ve been through so much in my lifetime and have been able to make it out, each and every time. I’ve learned you truly are what you THINK. Your thoughts hold so much power, as do your actions, and it’s time to do better; I needed to turn over a new leaf. At the end of the day, life isn’t always going to be sweet. Inevitably, things will happen that I’m not too thrilled about but that doesn’t mean I need to start hating my life. I know for a fact God would never give me something I can’t handle. I am blessed beyond measure. The good always out-ways the crazy and for that, I’m forever thankful! Twenty-six, I’m here and ready. Do you want to know exactly what it feels like?


26 feels like…FEARLESSNESS

If I want something, somehow and someway, I make it happen. Things take time, so it may not happen tomorrow or next week but best believe I will get it done. But there have been one, too many times where I have stood 5’10 tall in my own way, holding myself back from creating something or missing an opportunity; that’s not going to happen anymore. I’m shooting my shot in every possible way all 2019. With hard work, consistency, and determination, you can really change your life and start to create one you love, not one that you had to settle for because you didn’t go out and chase your dreams. I have ten post-it notes with my short and long-term goals written on them sitting on my nightstand. I read them out loud in my mirror every morning in the present like they are currently happening. I started doing this a few months ago and it’s been the motivation I needed most because now I’m doing something every day, no matter how big or small, to make sure these goals become reality. I’m a woman of my word and I can’t let myself down. So now I’m staring fear dead in the face like, 



26 feels like…FREEDOM

In 2018, Meek Mill released one of my favorite albums of the year. I love each song of the album in its own special way, but when I first heard, “What’s Free? (featuring Rick Ross & Hov)”, I was shook, especially by Hov’s verse. Hov is like that uncle who tells you, in a very honest way to get your life together, step your game up because you’re not living right and I felt that after. Owning businesses and investments are just a few ways to start your journey to freedom. Financial freedom, creative freedom, I’m working on it all. Everyone has their preferences but I know for myself, I can’t imagine working for someone else for the rest of my life. My Mom-Mom says all the time, “I really thought you’d be working in a corporate office after you graduated college.” I did that for almost a year and was laid off, due to the companies financial state, and right then is when I was realized I did not like being at someone else’s mercy. The experience was very helpful in building the businesswoman I am today, but seeing all my hard work be taken for granted wasn’t a good feeling. “Free is when nobody else could tell us what to be” and I’m way too bossy and self-driven to have someone dictate my life.


26 feels like…MO’ MONEY


Don’t get me wrong, money shouldn’t be the only thing you care about but I’d be lying if I said money wasn’t very important to me. I try to read at least one or two books a month and in the past few months, I’ve read books that I have changed my life and the way I handle money. Something I’m continuously telling myself is that it is too much money out here, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be getting my hands on more of it. Budgeting every month has been a game changer. Some months I have caught myself slacking and when I do, things started going downhill but I’ve made a promise to myself to follow this budget religiously. Whenever I swipe my debit and/or credit card, the transaction goes right on it, so I’m aware of my spending habits. I came into 2019 with more than one main source of income and recently added another with my self-published poetry book, “The Stages of Me: Poems of Growth & Metamorphosis”, which is available on Amazon right now. This won’t be my last book and I have so many other ideas that I can’t wait to execute this year! I have so many talented people in my circle and I know all of us will accomplish amazing things and stack our money up!


26 feels like…LOVE

You’ve probably heard me say this before and I’ll say it again, I love love. It’s such a beautiful thing and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s important to me that the people I love know that and this is not so much with material things (those are nice too), but more or so often with small, thoughtful gestures. A random, “Have an amazing day! Thank you for always being you”, goes a long way; not only does it make you feel good but more importantly the receiver feels the authenticity. You never truly know what people are dealing with and a simple, genuine message like this could really turn a persons day around. Of course, loving on others is a great feeling, but there’s someone you need to love before anyone else to be able to give and receive love…that person is YOU. I’m loving myself unconditionally, flaws and all. I owe it to myself. I’m so proud of the woman I have grown to be and I’m not even finished yet!



26 feels like…TRAVELING

I created a list in my phone of so many places I will travel to sooner than later, some starting this year. Some of these places are right here in the U.S., some in the Caribbean Islands, and others in each of the continents. It truly amazes me on how much life there is outside of the few places I’ve already been to; different color sands, mountain tops, and food, how could I forget food when it makes me so happy. Nature just creates a sense of peace for me and it’s a dope feeling to just be little ol’ me in this big enormous world ready to explore it all.  It’s always nice to travel with family or friends but solo trips are necessary too. I know for me, I’m always around people or constantly on my phone checking my email emails, so spending QT with yourself gives you that detachment from the world that we all often need. I’m ready to see the world and all the beauties of it!



Last but not least, to know me is to know I am a Rihanna stan! I just love everything about her but one of the things I love most is that sis is so unapologetic. She’s her and how can you not respect that? I’m seeing that there are things I have to do/say, people I have to completely cut off or love from a very far distance, the time I need to spend being busy focusing on my goals, and I simply can’t apologize for doing what’s best for me. If It brings happiness and joy to my life, I’m going to keep doing it and keep it around; if it doesn’t, well you know what’ll happen and I don’t feel a tad bit sorry. My life and time are way too valuable to not make the most out of each second. This doesn’t just apply to a relationship, but also with family, friends, a job, etc. I’ve been aware more than ever, in this very moment, how much of a dope ass woman I am and I’m only going to change for the better, never for someone else’s approval.

This is EXACTLY what 26 feels like to me! Any trials I may come across, I’ll push through with strength and will remain positive and excited for what this year has in store for me.


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