The Stages of Me: Poems of Growth & Metamorphosis

I’m doing EVERY SINGLE THING that’s set in my heart/mind & the first thing in 2019 is…my very own, self-published poetry book “The Stages of Me: Poems of Growth & Metamorphosis”, which will be released first through Amazon on January 22nd and Barnes&Noble, and other retailers soon after. 🙏🏾 I’ve been writing poetry for over 10 years and very seldom do I choose to share with the world but this time around I thought fuck it, why not? A lot of tears were shed as I wrote some of these poems, for good and bad reasons but I when I finally completed this book, I felt AT PEACE. Loving love, doing what gets me hype, being happy, and continuing to build a life that I’m exciting about it. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!🐛🦋 

P.S. I will also be having a launch party on January 26th, stay tuned for details! 😬

And S/O to the AMAZING graphic designer Tyler Kidd for creating the book cover, as well as the images inside! She brought my vision to life & I appreciate her beyond imaginable! 

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