Look At That Melanin Glow


Since I can remember I have had flawless skin. I heard and saw people go throw craziness with their skin but somehow mine never switched up on me during my high school years. I ate anything and everything and would drink soda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; still no acne in sight. Of course, every once in a while I would get very tiny bumps on my face but nothing major and nothing that would leave any scars until…one day.

(My skin while breaking out, with no skincare routine)

I can’t even remember exactly when this started, maybe at the beginning of 2017, but my skin did a complete 180. I started to break out more than I had ever before and to make matters worse, blemishes were being left even when I didn’t mess with the bumps. I would only break out on my forehead and my chin, so I was thankful it wasn’t my whole entire face but still. I completely cut soda out of my diet when I graduated college and was drinking lots of water each day. I thought maybe my body was trying to flush all the toxins out and THAT’S why my skin was having this reaction. After some time passed I realized that didn’t make much sense because I had already gone so long without drinking soda and drinking juice very rarely.

The people closest to me would say it wasn’t that bad, insist I was still beautiful no matter what, and that I was being dramatic, but I really felt so ugly. I was just confused and upset like why now? Would I have wanted this to happen when I was a teenager? Probably not but now wasn’t a good time either. I was already stressed out about other life issues, which was probably one of the biggest reasons I started to break out, to begin with, but when I would try to stop stressing, I would look at the dark spots/blemishes on my face in the mirror and get stressed out some more. Ultimately, another big problem was that I didn’t have a daily skincare routine. Of course I washed my face every day but clearly, that wasn’t enough.

Google became my best friend as I searched for things to help with breakouts and getting rid of blemishes. Through trial and error, I found out what my skin does not like and what it loves. The first mask I tried was a raw honey and lemon mask. Super easy ingredients that I already had in my apartment, so why not give it a try? My skin quickly rejected that idea. Within minutes of washing the mask off my face, I had a bunch of small bumps on it, none of them left scars, but clearly, something wasn’t right. I tried it again a few weeks later, maybe the lemon wasn’t fresh enough, but the same thing happened. It was time to try something new.

(My skin now, flourishing and taking care of my skin daily)

I love SheaMoisture and decided to give their Black Soap a try. I was obsessed with the smell of it but it wasn’t real, authentic African Black Soap, so it didn’t help with my problem. One of my roommates at the time told me about an all natural store, not too far from my apartment, called Anwaar Co. I went there and stocked up on a bunch of natural products and that is where my skincare routine started. Now, every morning I wake up and mix Aloe Vera gel & a dab of tea tree oil together and apply it to my face. As this combination dries up, it will start to get flaky and you can just peel it off. Tea tree oil is one of the strongest oils I’ve ever used and/or smelled. Most people dilute it because if you put too much on your skin, it will dry it out in a heartbeat; I’ve had it happen to me. But I promise, if you put the oil on a bump, it’ll be gone before you know it.

After the mixture is applied, I let it sit while I meditate and workout, and then wash my face with African Natural Black Soap. Black Soap is my body soap as well, it’s just so good to my skin. I use Shea Butter to moisturize my face and body before I head out and it always ends up glowing and feeling softer than ever. At night, once I’m out the shower, I apply almond oil to my face; just enough so my face is so fresh, so clean, and so smooth. I also do face mask’s maybe once or twice a month using the Indian Healing Clay. As the mask hardens up, you can literally feel it pulling the dirt from your pores and cleansing your skin. I always feel so refreshed afterward! Everyone’s skin is different and everyone has to find out what works best for them. This process just happens to work for me and helps keep the pimples away. I’ll maybe get a total of five bumps a month, if that, and it’s usually during that wonderful week that each woman goes through each month.

(My skin with ONLY Bareminerals Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer and Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse)

Some days I wake up and want to wear makeup, some days I don’t. I do have Fenty Beauty foundation which is super light but I rarely use it because concealer gets rid of my dark circles and few blemishes I still have on my forehead and chin. The two products I reference above are my go-to’s. My skin has come a long way but I’m so happy I know what works to keep it clear and shining with an everlasting glow.

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