Furs…Furs…Furs…Furs…Furs I Do Adore!

The more winters I spend in NYC the more I have an internal debate with myself. Is this cold nonsense REALLY for me? Naturally I’m a busy-body. I always want to be doing something. I love exploring the city, especially nature, but why would I want to do such a thing when it’s freezing outside? The only two things I enjoy about winter are Christmas and my birthday.  Hands down, fall fashion will always be what I live for. Duster jackets, chunky sweaters, booties, they all just do something for me. There is one fashion piece I can say I do love, fur. I’ll show you guys a few furs that keep me somewhat warm, but definitely very stylish throughout the fall and winter.


The way this ivory/black fur came into my life was nothing but good timing. Back in October I was prepping for three shoots. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories completely covered both the couches in my living room. I made sure myself, as well as the model and make-up artist, brought pieces that fit the direction I was going for with the shoot. The MUA, who also does freelance styling, pulled this gem out her bag with the tags still on it. As soon as I saw it, my eyes grew wide and I knew we had to shoot with it. Unpredictable But Appreciated turned out to my 2nd favorite look that I’ve styled thus far. She told me she was never going to wear the jacket and that it would forever sit in her closet. Welp, don’t mind if I do! It’s been one of my go-to’s ever since. I throw it on with sweats sometimes, so I look cozy and but still cute.


This fur right here is by far my favorite one out of all the furs you will see in this post but unfortunately it does not belong to me. On Christmas morning my sixteen year old sister was blessed with this fluffy, super soft, Killa Cam inspired fur coat from Forever21. Yes, I did an entire beauty shoot with this coat on; judge me! My sister also did my make-up that day; she’s so bomb, book her! By the end of the day I know she was annoyed by how many times I asked to borrow it. Of course I INSTANTLY went on Forever21’s website but they were all sold out. Pink is my favorite color but yet I don’t that much pink clothing, so this is something I need in my closet. I can not stress enough how super ridiculously soft this coat is. It really makes no sense. Hopefully she reads this and lets me borrow it in the very near future.


I had the pleasure of going to the Louis Vuitton exhibit, which ended the first week of January, not once or twice but three times. This picture was from the first time I went and I’m a firm believer that presentation is key. Since living in NYC, I’ve realized you really never know who you might meet or run into, so for that reason I’m always ready for whatever and whoever. Between the first fur mentioned in this post and this grey fur from Splendid, I get the most compliments whenever I’m out and about. The retail price is $228 and it also comes in black but luckily I didn’t have to spend a thing because Splendid is where I work part-time and what an AMAZING thing clothing allowances are! I was iffy about buying it in grey because I didn’t think I had much in my closet that would go with it but boy was I wrong! It’s such a neutral color, I can wear it with pretty much anything. The lining is a jersey knit so it’s very comfortable and keeps me warm on those windy days.


Is this a fur vest or a jacket? Yup, I have a few tricks up my sleeve! It’s actually a fur vest from HauteLook that I have had for years that I ALWAYS throw over this faux leather jacket that I’ve also had for forever from Forever21. There are times where I’ll throw it over a denim button down, which also looks really cute together. Everyone always thinks its a jacket because the vest just lays overtop of the jacket so perfectly. I love this because it goes with literally everything in my closet. Every woman should invest in a good fur vest!



Last but certainly not least is the newest gem to my collection. I know people who say their mom could NEVER shop for them. I’m fortunate enough to have a dope mom who is super stylish and knows what I do and do not like and what I will and will not wear. This grape fur jacket from Fashionnova was one of my birthday gifts. I wore it this past weekend while on my way to my birthday brunch. In my last post 25 Things… I have a pair of colorful boots that I can not wait to wear together!

Do you have a favorite piece you like to wear in the winter? Spill the beans and let me know your thoughts on this post.  Also, make sure you’re following along for more on Instagram – @lookinthemirah

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