25 Things I’ve Learned & Things About Me

Not only was yesterday Monday, the fresh start to a new week, but it was also the day I was placed upon this Earth 25 years ago. I remember being young and wondering what I would look like and what I’d be doing when I’d get to this age. I have no complaints on my physical features; a bigger butt and clearer skin would be nice but best believe I am working on both. Of course there are a few bad habits and personality traits I’m not too thrilled about but what can I say, I’m a work in progress. All in all, I’m happy and proud of the woman I have grown up to be. Everyday I’m still learning new things about myself and the world around me. I thought this would be a great time to get a little personal, something I rarely do, and let you guys in on 25 things I have learned thus far and things you might not have known about me. 







1. Follow Your Dreams Whatever your heart desires, go out and get it. Never let anyone try to sway you away from your dreams or what YOU want to do. I think about all the times people told me not to move to NYC, or wait, and all the amazing opportunities I would have missed out on if I listened to someone else.

2. Work Work Work Work Work – NYC can really make or break you and almost three years later, I’m still standing tall. The hustle and bustle of the city is like fuel to the fire, it keeps me going. I’m such a busy body that being stagnant stresses me out. I always want to be getting my hands into something new or working on a project.

3. I Love Calamari and Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream – If I had to eat either of the two everyday for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly fine with that.

4. I Love Being Natural – Every other week I’m thinking of a new way to do my hair. Bone straight, super curly, braids, Nina Long in the 90s short cut, weaves, honey blonde, red, I’ve done it all and will continue to do so. While playing around with different styles I am always making sure my hair is healthy and that was my curls are steady poppin’.

5. Styling Really Is Life – I really live, breathe, eat, sleep, dream, even once had a nightmare about it after a long crazy set day but it’s always worth it in the end.

6. Planner – I need to get better at utilizing my planner. I’m super forgetful, especially if I don’t write something down.

7. Honesty – The one thing I love most about my mom and Mom-Mom is that they’ve always been honest with me about everything, even if I didn’t want to hear it. I respect honesty so much; it really isn’t as hard as liars make it out to be. No matter how much you may think it’ll hurt my feelings or whatever the case may be, just keep it real.

8. Love Yourself – How could you possibly try to love someone else if you don’t love you?

9. Sleep Is Necessary – You have to know when to step back, get rest, then get back to business.

10. I Love To Read – 2017 I read some really life-changing books and now my Amazon cart is filled with books on my 2018 agenda.

11. I’m Obsessed with Off-White’s Pre-Fall 2018 Collection – The things that Virgil Abloh is doing over at Off-White is truly mind-blowing. Every season the collections get better and better.

12. Put Your Friends On – Support your friends, their business, and their brand. If you know they are a reliable source, why not give their info to someone who may need their services?

13. My Family – I honestly have no idea where I’d be without them. We don’t always agree but they’ve support me through everything I’ve done. They deserve the world and then some and they mean more to me than anyone will ever know. I’m truly blessed.







14. Pink – Yup, you guessed it, It’s my favorite color.

15. Orchids – These are my favorite flowers.

16. Travel – Having bills and real responsibilities sometimes get me so annoyed with being an adult but then looking at all the places I’m going to travel to gets me excited. There’s so much out in the world that I’m ready to see!

17. Happiness – My happiness can’t be touched right now. It’s what’s most important to me.

18. You Can’t Change People – This is something I know for a fact but yet and still I find myself hoping, wishing, praying that some people will turn over a new leaf. That ends now because you do more hurt to yourself thinking that. The 5th Chapter of the book “The Mastery of Love” is titled The Perfect Relationship and is something I find myself needing to reread. People change when they want to change, not when you want them to. Accept people for who they are or let them go freely.

19. Helping Others – I love being there for people, especially the ones close to me. Call/text me at 3am, cry if you need to. If you have an unlimited MTA card, swipe it for that person who doesn’t have enough money to get on the train. Kindness goes a long way and If I can possibly help someone I will do so, always.

20. Music – It keeps me sane. Silence worries me and 99.74896% of the time I have my headphones in because I’m listening to music.

21. The People Around You – It is important to watch the company you keep. I’m blessed to have so many creative, unqiue, and intelligent people in my cirlce. Your friends should uplift, push, and inspire you. Cut ties with the ones who try to slow you down. Birds of a feather really do flock together.

22. Fendi – Another brand whose 2018 collections are everything, especially their Men’s 2018.

23. My Style – I like to call it edgy chic.

24. The Future – I cry, get frustrated, and get stressed out but ultimately everything is a learning process and I’m building a life that I’m going to love. I get anxious and excited about all the things I’m working towards and that the future has in store for me.

25. You Are Enough – You always were and you always will be. Never let your mind or someone else make you think otherwise.

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Details on Each Look Below:

Coral Pink Long Sleeve Ribbed Open Top – Splendid

Mom Jeans – Buffalo Exchange

Burnt Orange Long Puffer Jacket – Free People

Colorful Booties – DSW

Red Strapless Dress – Some boutique in Soho on Broadway since my dresses from Fashionnova didn’t arrive on time; thanks USPS 🙁

Grape Fur Jacket – Fashionnova

Embellished Choker – Same as above

Rose Gold Cleopatra Sandals – Public Desire

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