Unpredictable but Appreciated


I can not believe it is November already! Where exactly did 2017 go? In two months it’ll be 2018 and three weeks after that I’ll be twenty-fine *blankly stares at my grey hair in the front of my head*.  I have already been prepping myself for the business moves, vacation trips, and new memories that the new year will have in store. As I enter this new month, I am going in with the intentions of utilizing my daily planner to its fullest potential. I would like to think, for the most part, I am a pretty organized person; even when my room gets a little messy, it’s an organized mess, if that makes sense. But of course with life, things sometimes slip through the cracks and don’t go exactly as planned. Okay cool, that doesn’t have to become a problem though. Unpredictable moments tend to be some of my most appreciated ones.

99.3785% of the time I have looks downpacked and put together for lookinthemirah the day of shooting. I have a concept and what I’m going for already in mind. Well this day was a little bit different than most. When Ateera (my homie/ the model for this shoot) came to get her make-up done she had these pants on, immediately I was obsessed! I love plaid, especially ones that looks vintage, washed, and somewhat rugged. Jaz (my other homie/ dope MUA) had been telling me about this black and white fur jacket she had in her closet but had never worn, so I asked her to bring it to see if it could possibly go with either of the other two looks. As the three of us sat there, laughing, talking, blasting music, while faces are getting beat, I hopped up like, “wait a minute!”  I ran to my room and grabbed this Victoria Beckham t-shirt that I love and wear often, that was gifted to me during one of my internships. I put the three pieces together on my couch, took a step back, and said to myself “another one” in DJ Khaled’s voice. This look is one of my favorites thus far. It came together in such an unpredictable manner but I’ll never not be able to appreciate a clutch, extremely last-minute outfit! Below you’ll be able to see the details on this look, the people behind it, and more.


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“Fashion Stole My Smile” – Victoria Beckham

Plaid Pants – Thrifted

Black/White Fur Coat – Boutique in NYC

Nude Point Toe Sandal with Double Ankle Strap – Aldo

Gold Rope Choker – Topshop

Stud Earrings – H&M

Creative Director / Stylist – Yours Truly @lookinthemirah

Photographer – @carlnavy

Make-up Artist – @keekardash

Model – @toxicriot

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