Only Remind Them Once


I remember reading an article from Forbes during the summer of 2015, stating that black women were the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. At the time I was in the process of packing all my belongings, heading to NYC. This article helped stir up a bunch of emotions inside of me; happiness, anxiousness, and hopefulness are just a few.  While being able to cross off one of my biggest goals, I got even more motivation to keep pushing forward to accomplish ALL my dreams to become a successful businesswoman. The amount of strength we posses can not be matched. Our drive and hustle keeps us getting things done! Black women are so special and magical. Our versatility is something I often mention, which helped inspire this look. 

Businesswoman, sexy woman, edgy woman, you can be all three in one. There is no limit to what we can do. No matter if it is a bright, neon color or a neutral tone, when I see a woman wear a pant suit while adding her own twist to it, I am given so much life! Easily, I could have went with a pair of heels but thought I would give sneakers a try instead. Wearing all white shell-toe Adidas and bamboo earrings brought forth the edginess of this look. She has this suit on but it is summertime and after her meeting if she wants to go show these young girls who is still the best at double dutch, she will do so. There is not just one part of this look that is sexy to me, it is actually the whole thing. Being and feeling sexy creates so many different ideas in my head; From the makeup, to the no shirt/no bra, everything is so eliminating. Beyoncé was not lying when she said we run the world. Always carry yourself with confidence. Only remind them once, you are a bunch of dope things, all in one and you can do/be whatever you desire. 

Scroll down some and you will be able to find the details of this look! Let me know your thoughts about this shoot, as well as this post! Also, make sure you’re following along for more on Instagram – @lookinthemirah



Beige Pant Suit – Thrift Store

All White Sneakers – Adidas

Bamboo Earrings – Local Beauty Supply Store

Gold Bangle – Aldo

Genesis IX Neoprene and Lambskin Leather Bow Tie – @christopherchaun

Styled – Yours Truly @lookinthemirah

Photography – @carlnavy

Hair/Make-up – @keekardash

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  1. I love it! This post is so true and resonates with me in so many different ways… as a black business owner with purple hair, people never know what to expect until I open my mouth. You gotta do it your way and make them respect it #putsomerespeckonmyname lol. And I love the idea of the pants suit with the shelltoes. It don’t mean nothing if you don’t put your own “stank” on it lol!

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