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Being around amazing people, dope vibes, and good energy is so important to me. Yesterday my bestfriend Kareemah and her two friends had a creative mixer/rooftop party here in Brooklyn. Young, black, creative, millennials covered the entire scene. I danced and met so many people from all strides of life. Their party was a huge success and I’m hoping for many more! I’m going to tag as many people as I can rememeber on Instagram. I had my friend Morr, follow him on IG at @mm.moneyyy , take the photos for me. So many people had dope outfits that I loved! If you were at the party and would like for me to send you photos, just shoot me an email at Also, make sure you’re following along on Instagram at @lookinthemirah for more posts on fashion, style, music, events, and more!


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