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It’s been a week since SZA released her debut album “Ctrl”, which is more than enough time for me to let all this greatness sink in and do a review! Let me first start off by thanking SZA for blessing my ears, mind, and soul with this album. It is everything I never knew I needed, plus more! Before I dive into my thoughts on specific lyrics, there’s no way I could skip past the fact that SZA is incredibly dope, beyond beautiful, and uniquely herself, always …all ways! In no way, shape, or form does she try to “fit in”. SZA has stayed true to who she is and gives weird black women (Yes, I am one of them) someone to relate to. Confidence can make anyone look great in anything they wear, which is one of the main reasons why I love tomboy or sexy SZA. Impeccable is the word that sticks out when I think about her style in regards to fashion. She’s glowing like crazy now-a-days and I’m so here for it! Okay, now it’s time to get into Ctrl…

 -Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott) 

“Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me?”

Love Galore was the second single released off the album. From the hook, to the beat, to the video, and maybe since one of my favorite artists was featured on this track, I was instantly obsessed with it. It’s just super catchy and very relatable on many levels. I had to mention this one particular line because sadly, too many men do this all too often. They don’t want a relationship, just want to be free and “do them” but are constantly blowing up your phone and acting like they are your boyfriend. Interesting. 

-Doves In The Wind (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

“Real n***as do not deserve p***y. Meaning it’s more you see right through walls, ain’t talkin’ about p***y. Meaning you deserve the whole box of chocolates.”

The very first thought that came to my mind when this song came on is, wow, the same person who produced Kendrick’s “YAH” had to have produced. Both beats sound so similar. Then I realized Kendrick was featured on this track and things started to make sense. When I heard the lyrics mentioned above, I paused, and had to rewind it a few times so I could clearly understand what she was saying. On her Breakfast Club interview, she made it even more known what she meant exactly. There’s so much more she can give a man besides sex; hopefully every woman feels this way. If he’s a real one, other positive characteristics and traits will be brought to the relationship to help build and make him feel powerful, besides sex. I agree with her completely. 

-The Weekend

This might be the one and only side chick song I will really blast and sing a long to. Everything about the song is dope but being a side chick, in my opinion, isn’t that cool. I’m not here to judge anyone’s actions, so if that’s you’re cup of tea,  do you; there are A LOT of women in the world who have absolutely no idea that they’re a side chick. It’s unfortunate and happens every day B (in my fake NY accent) but at least SZA is acknowledging the situation for what it is. 

-Garden (Say It Like That)

“Ground me when I’m tumblin’, spiralin’, plummetin’ down to Earth. You keep me down to Earth. Call me on my bulls**t. Lie to me and say my booty gettin’ bigger even if it ain’t.” “Cause I love you just how you are.” “I know you’d rather be laid up with a big booty…you know I’m sensitive about having no booty.”

I laughed and did a double-take when this song finished because I honestly thought SZA may have been spending time in my life while writing this one! Me, yes, Amirah is who I believe SZA wrote this song for. She knew my heart, my EXACT thoughts, my feelings and then was able to put them into this amazing song that I jam to at least 10 times a day. One of my favorite things about this song and album is that SZA is more vulnerable and honest than ever. Last month, I recited one of my most vulnerable and honest poems at an open mic; I was a nervous wreck. I’m so use to keeping personal feelings to myself. Even my best friend, whose known me since childhood, was surprised but loved the poem, and wanted to know if I would show it to the person it was about. I’m not as bold as SZA, so I didn’t and I won’t, but I love/appreciate her for saying everything that’s on my mind without her even knowing me.

-Broken Clocks

“Better day than yesterday…I just take it day by day…Never hearing what they say…I just do it my way.”

Life is such an adventurous thing. These lines right before the hook stand out to me because sometimes I find myself so stressed out. Adult life things sometime come at you so fast. I always talk to God before anyone but there are three other people who listen to me talk, cry, or complain when things get crazy. I’m always reminded though that this is not the end all be all, things may be crazy at times but it comes with success. Like SZA said, I try to make it a better day than yesterday. Focus on my goals more and more. 

-Normal Girl

“You like it when I get aggressive…”

I just love the little spin SZA put on Drake’s “Controlla”. Also, I know I’m not a normal girl, by any means either, but you can definitely take me home to your mom and I know your homies would be proud of the woman you have right with you!

-Pretty Little Birds (feat. Isaiah Rashad)

“Told you I like gentle giants, so you softened up.”

Men act so tough sometimes, but us women know we can often bring out their soft side, with ease. It’s completely acceptable for men to show emotions, show they care, show they’re feeling you, show they love you! Be a gentle giant when necessary. You can be big, strong, and masculine but you have a soft spot for your woman. That’s a major key!

-20 Something

To conclude this post and her album, this song is so real and necessary. “Good luck on these 20 somethings…God bless them 20 somethings.” The song really speaks for itself and she’s absolutely right. 

Thus far, I can say Ctrl is one of the best albums of 2017. Please let me know your thoughts on this album, as well as this post!

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