Men Can Wear Bright Colors Too…


 This past week I had the pleasure of being asked to help style one of the biggest rappers out, Quavo, one-third of Migos. With this amazing experience came a lot of learning & a very important lesson, there’s still so much growing I have to do when it comes to styling men. I primarily work with women and being a woman myself, it’s easier to relate to what women may want to wear. But like women, maybe even more, men take pride in how they look on a regular basis.

Any man who looks well put together in business attire, suit and tie, is always an eye-catcher but I’ll always have a major soft spot for dope streetwear. From Kith, to G-Star, to Nike, and high-end designers streetwear collections, men have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to their streetwear options. While shopping in Bergdorf Goodman’s men’s section, I came across a few designers I had no idea existed but instantly fell in love. With the weather becoming warmer and the sun shining more, brighter colors should be worn! My closet is beyond colorful and there’s absolutely no reason why men can’t do the same.

This bright yellow Stone Island x Nike Lab collaboration windbreaker is perfect for right now. As soon as I saw this windbreaker, I said yup, that’s the one! Mother Nature hasn’t made a clear decision yet if the seasons will change to summer or spring will stick around for a few more weeks. As a woman, I’m very particular about what jean wash I wear during each season; from what I’ve observed, most men could care less. With the writing in the windbreaker to the Lacoste cap, a dark wash skinny jean was very necessary to compliment the navy colors; something like a perfect match. The crisp white Supreme t-shirt and Yeezy 360 Boost add the finishing touches to this look! By seeing how I put this look together, men, I encourage you to wear more colors this spring/summer. Women, pick out colors for your man that he usually wouldn’t wear but trying something new is always a good idea!

 Below you’ll find the details of this look but first, let me know your thoughts on men’s fashion / streetwear style. What are your favorite stores / online boutiques for men’s clothing? Also, make sure you’re following along for posts, pictures, and more on Instagram – @lookinthemirah


White T-Shirt – Supreme

Yellow Windbreaker – Stone Island x Nike Lab Collab

Dark Wash Jeans – G-Star

Cream Sneakers – Yeezy 350 Boost

Navy Cap – Lacoste


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