Why Is Bey Slaying Us With This Pregnancy?

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Before I go into depth about why this post was so necessary, yes I am a part of the BeyHive! Beyoncé is the best female entertainer of my generation. Everything she does just blows me away. Her music is timeless and her visual albums are everything! I just have one quick question for Queen Bey, why are you slaying this pregnancy so hard?

On February 1st, the first day of Black History Month, Beyoncé does something so the legendary and announces her pregnancy with twins! Her photos from the announcement were so amazing. Of course my mom and I have a theory that she is having a boy and girl. We say this because in the photos her bra was red with pink bows and her underwear was blue. Constantly working with some of the best stylist in the fashion industry, Bey never fails to deliver when it comes to her street wear looks. One might think that being pregnant with twins might damper her ability and energy to slay; please take a minute to remember who we are discussing though. It’s like every other day I’m seeing Bey on my Instagram timeline giving me life. Whether she’s court side at a basketball game, munching on chips or at an event, she’s serving us and playing no games with this pregnancy. I love her and I’m excited for her twins to finally  be introduced to the world. It was important that this amount of slayage was acknowledged.

Are you a fellow BeyHive member? Do you love Bey’s looks? Tell me your thoughts! Don’t forgot to follow on Instagram with more posts and pictures. I got you covered, just click the link here @lookinthemirah .

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