I See Festivals In My Near Future…


If I had not chosen a career in fashion, the music industry would have been my next option. Let me put my Apple Music library on shuffle and you’ll hear a variety of genres of music. From N.E.R.D, to Luther Vandross, to Fredo Santana, my music selection is pretty unpredictable. I remember my first concert was B2K’s “Scream” Tour.  Like any girl around my age in the early 2000’s, I was a die hard B2K fan. Word Up magazine posters filled my bedroom walls and of course I had each and every one of their albums. No one could tell me that Lil Fizz and I weren’t going to get married one day.  That one concert was just the beginning of me making it my business to see every artist I love whenever they come to my city.

It’s already mid-May and with the weather slowly but surely getting warmer, more and more festival/concert lineups are being announced! Within the past two weeks, I have seen so many different festivals that I need to attend this summer. Yesterday, I saw The Meadows Music and Arts Festival lineup and can already see myself there, having the time of my life, watching some of my favorite artists perform. One of the main things I try to remind myself when getting ready for festivals is, “okay Amirah, of course you need to put together a look that’s super dope but you have to be comfortable as well.” You will be outside, in the sun, dancing, singing, and rapping for hours; you have to dress accordingly or it’ll be hard to truly enjoy your time there.

This look I present to you is something you could catch me wearing this summer at whichever festival I decide to go to.  The color of this top got me. Mustard colors always work so well with my skin complexion, so I picked it up and have been able to pair it with different bottoms in my closet. My favorite part of this look are the pants! For Halloween of 2016, I was a hippie from the 60s/70s.  I was going to two parties and I knew for the one look the perfect place that would have these trendy pants I had been seeing everywhere for a good price, Forever21.  This paisley print gives me festival vibes all the way. Hands down, these are the most comfortable pants I own and they also show how beautiful my curves are, that I’ve been working so hard on at 5am. I know my shoes are not for festivals, by any means. A pair of sneakers you don’t mind getting dirty are your best bet or strappy flat sandals, if you don’t mind getting your toes stepped on. If you love music, make sure you’re at one of these festivals this summer. Below, you can find where I got each piece included in this look!

Mustard Tank Top-  H&M

Paisley Print Pants – Forever21

Platform Sandals – Steve Madden at Nordstrom

Black Velvet Choker – Topshop

Tourtise Sunglasses – Somewhere in Soho

Black Leather Tote – Target

What festivals are you going to this summer? What will you be wearing? Let me know your thoughts and ideas for Summer 2017 fun! Also, make your following along for more on Instagram – @lookinthemirah


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