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Kelly Rowland


Today I want to talk about someone whose beauty and style never goes unnoticed, Kelly Rowland! Society has made it seem like the only way you can be beautiful is if you have a lighter skin complexion, a big booty, and a crazy body shape; Kelly Rowland proves that to be false. Her brown skin is always glowing and her body is curvy but slim. She has definitely given me, someone who is always snacking but is still super slim and has been called out for it my whole life, more confidence to say who cares what ANYBODY thinks as long as I’m happy when I look in the mirror!

From streetwear, to press runs, and even red carpet events, Kelly Rowland’s style is impeccable. It seems as though her style has evolved throughout the past few months. Her stylist Ade Samuel, who is both a wardrobe stylist and designer, makes sure she is ready for the cameras no matter the occasion. It’s not easy for someone to mix prints and pull it off successfully but she does it with ease. This past fall and winter I noticed Kelly wearing jackets/coats that would compliment and complete her looks, which I love! I’m always cold and sometimes struggle with finding the right outerwear piece that won’t throw my outfit off. Her looks are always so simple but there’s something that makes you  stop and admire her. I didn’t even mention, her bob, which I’m completely obsessed with! I love a sleek hairstyle and she’s been killing it, whether it’s bone straight or wavy. A few days ago Kelly released her new book, “WHOA, BABY”, about her motherhood journey. I hope when my time comes to be a mom, which won’t be for a few years because I still need to get my career in order and travel the world, I can be as super stylish as she is!

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  1. She sure likes coats, no? She always looks great, though. And yes, career and travel first! 😉

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