Shateria Moragne- EL


Hey guys! It’s Wednesday and we are mid-way thru the week (WOOHOO)! Today I’m bringing you a post on someone who’s style is dope, chill, chic, nd sexy all wrapped up together… Shateria Moragne-EL.

This Baltimore bred beauty started off as a personal stylist/consultant. She then became a designer and created her own line, FrontRow, which debuted at New York Fashion Week in September of 2013. FrontRow is an LA-based brand and Shateria describes it as being catered to the business woman with edge. The pieces from her brand are extremely versatile and free. In an interview, she named a celebrity who she can see wearing FrontRow and it was none other than Rihanna. Shateria’s brand goes hand in hand with how both her and Badgal Riri dress. When scrolling thru my Instagram timeline, Shateria’s looks remind me of something I can see myself wearing, every time. I say to myself, if only I like this picture of hers and somehow everything she’s wearing magically falls into my closet; how amazing would that be?

 When a lot of people mention Shateria, they discuss the fact that she is the ex-girlfriend of rapper Rick Ross. She’s much more than that though! It could have been her bouncy, two-toned hair or her impeccable style, that made me start following her on Instagram a few years ago. Her SnapChat is pretty dope too. You’ll see her driving around LA, on vacation with her unknown bae, or possibly working on a project, but she never reveals too much. She’s such a mystery, which is something I love about her! The fact that we only get a glimpse of her personal life keeps people super interested. Oh and how could I forget to mention, her voluminous hair! I can’t say many people are hair goals but she is definitely one. I’m ALWAYS AND FOREVER here for a nicely done honey blonde dye! She’s definitely someone I look to for style inspiration. What do you think of Shateria? FrontRow? Her style? Her hair? 

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