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The revamp of a brand and bringing in a new creative director can do a lot, just take a quick look at Gucci right now! Gucci is one of the largest Italian luxury brands, well-known for their fashion and leather pieces. Their unique monogram is undoubtedly recognized worldwide. Once Alessandro Michele was appointed the new Creative Director back in 2015, the brand started to change for the better. People were drawn to Gucci even more because most had no idea who Alessandro was, even though he worked for the brand for almost twelve years before given his new position. Every time I make my way onto Instagram, I’m seeing big name celebrities not only wear Gucci on red carpets but mainly incorporating it into their street style. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are number one! From sitting court side at a basketball game to having some mommy-daughter fun on a balcony in Paris, this dynamic duo has been slaying Gucci every single time they step in front of the paparazzi! Not even a week after Blue Ivy wore the green Gucci dress (pictured above), I walked past the store on Fifth Ave and saw it in the window with a few other kids outfits. Very smart marketing strategy Gucci, I love it!

The Gucci Ghost collection, which was a collaboration with Brooklyn artist Trouble Andrew, was super dope and very successful! I remember back in October, seeing Beyoncé carrying the Gucci Ghost tote with a green t-shirt and a black mini skirt, very simple. But I also remember looking at the price tag and realizing it was about four times as much as someone’s rent; very chic and definitely the type of bag I would carry nonetheless. I’ve seen rappers like Meek Mill and Future recently wearing the Gucci embroidered hooded/crewneck sweatshirt. Marcus Clark use to be Migo’s stylist but after a huge lawsuit dealing with clothing I’m unsure if he still styles them. They are always in Gucci from head to toe! Even though I have absolutely no piece clothing from Gucci, I am in love with the direction the brand is going in with Alessandro Michele being the new creative director.



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