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I’ll be the first person to admit that I am not a day one Future fan. I remember my freshman year of college, constantly hearing his single “Same Damn Time”. I honestly didn’t get what the hype was all about. Handsome and different from most artists at that time in hip-hop, most definitely, but at the time I just couldn’t vibe to his music like everyone else was. But now, in 2017, Future is played heavily throughout my daily music rotation.

These past few weeks have been nothing but musical bliss. On February 17th, Future dropped his self title album and then the following week he released another album titled “HNDRXX”. He’s the first EVER artist to have back to back #1 albums.This man goes so hard in the studio it’s crazy; I can only imagine what his music vault looks like. If I had to do a comparison of his two recent albums, without a doubt I would say “HNDRXX” is my favorite. It is a little more R&B, with him singing on many of the hooks. That album also includes features from The Weekend and Rihanna. “FUTURE” is feature free, which is something I always love to see from artists because it really shows their talent, or lack there of. Just like week Future performed one of his new tracks, “Incredible”, at the Ellen Show. Seeing his growth and longevity in the music industry makes me happy.

For the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out who is Future’s stylist. I wish I could tell you guys, but I literally could not find any information. I still have to give credit to whoever is behind his looks, even if it is Future himself, because it is definitely due. No matter what he wears he still looks well put together, HOW SWAY? When he gets dressed up for a red carpet event, he’s the perfect mix of a hood rapper and a gentleman. From a hoodie and jeans, to a suit and tie, I always love the way everything just flows with him. Sometimes he’ll be flooded with diamonds, but other times his jewelry is a little more subtle. The way he is able to switch it up when necessary, I love it! I did a post a few months ago about men in fashion, “Get A Man Who Can Do Both” , where I also included Future because he is one of the first artists that come to mind when this topic comes up.

Let me know what the think about Future’s music/fashion sense.

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