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Cardi B.


From leaving Love & Hip-Hop to signing a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records, Carbi B. is definitely on her way to amazing things in 2017! I haven’t watched reality tv in so long, so I first heard about her through my friends and the internet. She seemed like that one crazy, blunt friend that we all have and appreciate. Once I started following her on Instagram I grew to LOVE her boldness, as well as her sense of fashion. When have you seen Cardi B. not looking dope, sexy, stylish, or all three combined? 

22 year-old Mikiel Benyamin is her stylist; he styles Keke Palmer as well. This makes total sense because around the same time I noticed both women transforming and making their way into my style inspiration spotlight. Seeing Mikiel already doing big things at such a young age gives me so much happiness and motivation. He has an office, an assistant, as well as interns. It’s pretty obvious that he is beyond passionate about styling and he’s doing an incredible job making these women look like EVERYTHING and more!

Cardi B. can be so NY, with timbs and jeans on, or she can dress it up with Gucci from head to toe. No matter the occasion she slays! Versatility is a major key in fashion. You have to know when to switch it up, while always staying true to you; which is exactly what Cardi B. and Mikiel Benyamin have maintained. Like the motto from lookinthemirah, Be Fashion. Be Creativity. Be Freedom. That is exactly what is being shown whenever she is on the camera screen. I’m excited to see what else she has in store for the future and what amazing looks she’ll bless us with next!

What are some of your favorite Cardi B. looks?

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