Empty Your Laundry Basket & Begin With A Fresh Start


Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers and even the single people too! Today I’m here to not only talk about fashion but also about something that brings so much happiness to our lives and can make us do some crazy things …LOVE! This”holiday” holds a lot of weight to many people because it is when we are suppose to shower our significant other with gifts and express to them how much they are loved. Even when I was in a relationship, of course I celebrated but wasn’t too bothered by today because when you’re in a relationship, you should ALWAYS make sure your loved one knows how much you are care about them and appreciate them.


You may be asking yourself, why in the world would she do a Valentine’s Day shoot inside of a laundry mat? Believe me, there is always a method behind my madness; so let me explain. This could possibly be a slight flaw, but when I care about someone I really care and when I love, I love even harder. My family is and has been super blunt and honest about any and everything, so naturally I have grown up doing the same. My friends know if they come to me with a question or advice, I’ll give it to them straight. I’ve also brought this honesty into my love life, as best as I can, but no one is perfect. We all have some secrets dirty laundry we’d like to keep hidden in the back of our closets. Once you find that special someone that you’re able to be your weird, crazy self around, a sense of comfort comes over your heart and mind. You are then able to express to them the things you may have never wanted to mention to anyone else before. If you’re single, your time will come. Don’t rush and don’t settle. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE… don’t be a bag lady, carrying too much from previous relationships into your next or current relationship.. Empty your laundry basket and begin with a fresh start.

Even though we can’t use these patches to cover up scars from a broken heart or a bad relationship, they look pretty dope on clothes! Like most trends in fashion, patches have been coming and going since the 60’s. If it  appeals to you, it is a very easy trend to follow. You can either purchase merchandise that already has it on or go get creative and buy patches from Michael’s, Amazon, or your nearest arts & crafts store. From your favorite denim jacket, to jeans, to shoes, place those patches wherever fits your style best! I bought this patch work dress from Zara a few weeks ago for about $10. The patches definitely had me sold. As you can see this dress has the word “catch” with a heart underneath, a rose, and the lightening bolt with the word “anything”. All three patches accurately describe parts of my personality. This look is extremely simple but cute enough that I could wear it on a fun date later today! Below you’ll be able to see the details of this look and make sure you’re following lookinthemirah on Instagram ~ @lookinthemirah!

Peach Dress with Patches – Zara

Fire Engine Red Jacket – NU New York

Cut Out Lace Up Booties – Aldo

Floppy Brim Hat – Aldo

Velvet Choker – Topshop

Jewelry – Street Vendor in BK

Photography by: @carlnavy



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