I See You Aiming At My Pedestal.. I Better Let You Know


There’s a very big difference between confidence and arrogance. Ever since I can remember, my Mom-Mom has constantly reminded me to ALWAYS hold my head high and be proud of who I am. After recently turning 24, I’m not sure what caused this but it feels like a tad bit of confidence glitter (something I’ve made up, clearly) has been sprinkled onto my soul. I’m just very happy with the woman I am and who is still evolving everyday. There’s a new found confidence that has grown inside me and I’m so here for it! When it comes to fashion, I’ll literally wear whatever my heart desires and if people love it, that’s amazing; if not, that’s cool too because fashion is art and can be interpreted differently by whomever may be looking at it.


I wouldn’t call myself a “trendy” person, at all. Yes, I’m aware of the newest trends but that doesn’t mean I’m a huge fan of them all. I just love everything about fashion, from design to styling. Oh, and I also have a serious shopping problem. This shoot came about because for months I’ve been talking about doing a shoot in a market or “bodega”, as New Yorkers call it. I thought the concept with this outfit would be super dope!

I was nervous when I ordered this bodysuit. Nude color anything can be a hit or miss for an African American woman, especially when ordering it from online. Luckily, this ribbed cold-shoulder bodysuit has a peach tint to it, which helps to compliment my skin complexion rather than  washing it out. These are my first ever pair of jeggings and they are oh-so comfy! And the fact that they are long enough for a woman like myself, who is 5’10, makes me even more happy. People usually don’t realize I layer my faux fur vest with my leather jacket but I can pull it off as a complete jacket. The two pieces keep me warm on those nights when I need to dress up but don’t want to wear a heavy coat. My favorite part of this look, last but not least, my boots! I’m completely obsessed with this trend. I’ve seen this boot style in many variations but when this color combo came across my screen, I didn’t hesitate to purchase them. They give me super futuristic vibes and I’m able to wear them for 6 hours max without having to change.

Below you’ll see the details of this look:


Nude Bodysuit – ASOS

Jeggings – New Look

Faux Fur Vest – HauteLook

Black Leather Jacket – Forever21

Grey/Pink Boots – Truffle Collection

Jewelry – H&M and Henri Bendel

Lipgloss – Anastasia Beverly Hills Orchid

Photography by: @carlnavy


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