Can You Still Be Fashion Forward With A Baby Bump? Of Course!



As you guys all know Beyoncé broke the internet on Wednesday afternoon with the announcement of her pregnancy with twins! Yes, I am a part of the BeyHive; that is Muva. In my opinion, she is the greatest entertainer of my generations time. I could go on and on about her amazingness. With all the crazy nonsense that’s going on with you guys new president, hearing about her bundles of joy brought a breath of fresh air to the world for a moment. 
With this announcement came inspiration. Children are a blessing but from what I’ve seen, there is so much that the woman goes through while carrying. A few celebs came to my mind who did a great job at including style into their pregnancy. I hope whenever I become a mom, I am able to incorporate my fashion sense into my wardrobe like these women did. Let me know what celebs YOU thought were/are super stylish while pregnant! 




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