Karrueche Tran



Today I want to talk about someone who’s style I am completely in love with, Karrueche Tran. I remember a few years ago I noticed Karrueche as a model on KarmaLoop’s website and then soon after being Chris Brown’s girlfriend. With Chris Brown being such a high profile celebrity, I think Karrueche was just looked at as his girlfriend and nothing more by a lot of people. She’s actually extremely beautiful and her stylish ways were brought to life by her amazing stylist Bryon Javar; he also styles Christina Milian. I’m not even sure of the exact words to describe Karrueche’s style. She’s petite but can wear an oversized outfit and kill it! Even her fitted looks are just so chic. She’s not always wearing super expensive pieces. Sometimes she has on outfits that are very reasonably priced. I love the way her stylist helps to dress her in not so safe looks! She’s set herself apart from being Chris Brown’s ex and I always check her Instagram to see her latest looks! 




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