Winter Wardrobe “Should Haves”


From the time I open my eyes in the morning to whenever I decide my body/brain has had enough for the day, I’m involved with fashion. You can definitely find me changing my outfit a few times before I go to work. There’s a good chance you see me on my phone and you think I’m texting but in reality I’m online shopping. Countless times I’ve said to myself, “maybe you should take a break from social media.” That’s unrealistic though, mainly because I use it heavily to stay on top of news in fashion, as well as the latest trends.  I’ve never been big on solely following trends, hence the title of this post “should haves”. If you like the current trends, by all means go out and rock them! If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine too! Be Fashion. Be Creativity. Be Freedom. Do/wear whatever makes YOU happy. It just so happens that I’m currently obsessed with a lot of the trends that are going on this season. I recently did some major shopping and I was able to find a few cute , trendy pieces in Zara. Below, you will find some of my favorite trends and please feel free to let me know the ones I have missed!

What are your favorite fashion trends for winter 2016?

Velvet (apparel & shoes)







Satin Dress


Statement Fur


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