Get A Man Who Can Do Both… 

Fashion and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. With the help of a stylist, while using their own personal style, your favorite rapper/singer makes sure they are fashionable wherever they go. This post was created because I rarely ever talk about men’s fashion, which is definitely a flaw I’m trying to work on. I’m in the process of doing a male photo shoot and this helped inspire some possible looks! Many of my favorite male artists don’t stick to the basics, in their careers and fashion. They step outside the boundaries and always have my eyes wide, with hearts like the emoji. I’ve always loved when a man is able to switch it up! Be confident and be versatile. Learn when to step outside your comfort zone. Maybe wear a color you don’t have in your closet or buy a cool blazer that you can dress up or down on date night. My man can wear Converse’s and ripped jeans one day but clean it up with a nice suit and tie when necessary. With my pen, paper, and the help of a few of my girlfriends, I wrote down men in music with style who were the first to come to mind. Here you go! 

A$AP Rocky


Andre 3000



Travis Scott


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