Slowly Moving Into My Favorite Season…



My mind has literally been on a million and one things for the past few months. I’ve been learning, crying, creating, and evolving. One day I’ll be able to tell my story to the world and I can’t wait! I just want to inspire girls/women, especially African-American, to do WHATEVER their hearts and minds desire; no matter how big their dreams and goals are. When I started blogging, I reached out to a few of my favorite bloggers and asked for some advice. One of them told me to stay consistent no matter what. This really stuck with me for reasons beyond imaginable. Consistency throughout your life is a major key. Everything you do, should be done wholeheartedly!

If you were able to see my closet, you would see a wide variety of clothing. Sometimes I’ll wear an outfit that’s super fitting, hugging every single curve on my body. Another day, I may be in a “tomboy chic” mood; ya know, cargos with heels. Other days I may rock out in a pair of Nike’s, you just never know with me.

Everyday I feel it getting a little bit more brisk outside, which means we are slowing moving into my favorite season…FALL! I’ve had this denim button down from Forever21 for years. It’ll break my heart the day we have to part ways. When it comes to denim and cheetah prints, I’m super specific and picky! I know exactly what I like and what I do not like. This top is SO versatile and I have been able to pair it with so many different bottoms. One day I decided to see what it would look like with my black tulle skirt from Aqua,  one of Bloomingdales’ private label brands. I FELL IN LOVE! I even had my hair in a fro-hawk to keep the “fun” theme going! The perfect touch to this look were my Hello Kitty Vans, that I’ve had since I graduated high school, thanks to my God-Mom.

One thing is that I’m all about having fun. You only have one life to live, so you have to make the most out of it and look cute doing so!

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  1. I love fall too partially because my birthday is in November so I am a little bias lol But, the words of advice about consistency, thank you for that! I started blogging too to inspire people and tell my experiences so that young girls could look at what I went through & learn from it. I love your blog!

    • Lol yes, just a little bias I see! I love it! I just followed you and keep doing what you’re doing. But no problem at all and thank you for the kind words! 🙂

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