Plitzs NYC Fashion Week

As you guys already know, we are in the midst of New York Fashion Week right now!  NYFW is probably the largest fashion event that goes on in NYC twice a year. This past weekend I had an AMAZING experience being a Wardrobe Stylist & PR Coordinator for Plitzs Fashion Marketing’s NYC Fashion Week. I’m beyond thankful to have been apart of this fashion week. I was able to meet and connect with so many dope people! There were five showcases on Saturday, each including seven to nine different designers from all across the world. The amount of creativity throughout each showcase blew my mind! Unfortunately, since I was running around like a crazy woman, I did not have my professional camera on me but was still able to take a bunch of photos. Below, you can see some of my favorite pieces, as well as the names of each brand, designer, and where they are from. These brands below really stood out to me and you should definitely check them each out!


Tough Cookie by: Corlette Dixon ~ Virginia


Chicseed by: Zhe Yang ~ California

MP Fashion by: Mila Pershyna ~ Michigan

Iridium by: Gregory Williams ~ Illinois


Cheyma by: Chayma Ben Hassine ~ Paris, France

My Closet Vault by: Shema M. Lyons ~ Pennsylvania

Candy-Rock Couture by: Harmony Corbett ~ New York

Killer by: Lllanos Marie Shoes ~ New Jersey

KoFetche by: Korebel ~ Louisiana 

Nathalie Descout Paris by: Nathalie Descout ~ Paris, France


Christian Allana by: Christian Caldwell ~ Texas


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