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Frank Has Blessed Us!

I waited a few days to blog about this because I’m still in shock that Frank Ocean has finally blessed us! After waiting four long years since he released “Channel Orange”, last week Frank filled our hearts and ears with greatness. He released his visual album, “Endless”, which includes a lot of great songs and a cover to Aaliyah’s “At Your Best”. He also dropped his album, “Blonde” and a video for his first song on the album, “Nikes”. We all thought the album was going to be titled “Boys Don’t Cry” but that ended up being the name of his magazine, which includes pieces from Kanye West and Tyler The Creator. Lastly, I also heard Frank was going to be a few pop up shops.  He’s just showing off for us, huh? This is too much from him at one time. I was not expecting this all of this, at all. Let me just explain how happy I was on Saturday when I heard that “Blonde” was released. I was sitting on my best friends bed when I heard the news and I quickly told her I would see her later. I had to be in a quiet space where I could kick back and listen to this album in peace. “Blonde” is very abstract and I’m not sure if everyone will understand it but I am in love! Even though Frank had us waiting for a little too long, this album was definitely worth the wait. It is everything I expected and more. “Pink + White” and “Nights” are my two favorite songs thus far. They both have been on repeat, day in and day out. If you haven’t, you need to go check out everything Frank Ocean has put out last week. Lord knows when the next time we will see him again! 

Frank Ocean Endless Visual Album


Frank Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry” Magazine

What We’ve All Been Waiting For


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