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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Chandria Harris, creator & editor-in-Chief of PLUG Magazine. You may look at her and say, “hey, you guys kind of look-alike.” I wouldn’t be too surprised because she is my blood cousin and we’ve heard that statement so many times growing up. PLUG Magazine is a Philly based digital magazine, providing people with new music from local artists. The first issue will be released on October 28th for only $4.99. Issue 1 will include music artists, fashion designers, clothing lines, a duo who put together a collab album, as well as a section from a female journalist. After reading the interview, you’ll see the links for PLUG Magazine. Stay connected and check it out once it drops!

A. ~ “When did you decide to start PLUG Magazine?”

Chandria ~ “Ah. That’s a really good question. I started Plug Magazine in the middle of 2015. I got tired of doing blogs. You know how blogs are, you have to constantly update it. Because of school and work, I wasn’t able to update a blog as quickly as I would have liked. I had to figure out how to do something equivalent to a blog, without having to update it so frequently.”

A. ~ “What inspired you to do PLUG?”

Chandria ~ “There’s nobody in Philly that has a digital magazine. Everybody has websites, or blogs, or vblogs. There’s not enough people in Philly with magazines though. I always dare to be different and this was my of doing so. Also, the big name music magazines that do exist don’t just focus on music. I just want to focus on music, not gossip and the Kardashians. No gossipy things over here, that’s irrelevant to me.”

A. ~ “How did the idea of the name PLUG come into play?”

Chandria ~ “I wanted a simple name, just one word. One day my friend Calvin said the word “plug” and that was so suitable for the magazine. When I think about a plug, I automatically think about headphones, being plugged up. That idea went perfectly with the concept of the magazine, music! Right after the name was decided, of course that’s when Future & Drake released their mixtape “What a Time To Be Alive”, featuring their song “I’m The Plug”.”

A. ~ “What makes your magazine stand out compared to the other magazines out there?”

Chandria ~ “Yo! *starts laughing* Someone literally just asked me this same question last night and I told myself to think about it more today for a better answer. Honestly, I feel like it stands out because it’s a one man job. Most magazines include a whole team, about ten different writers. It’s just me, editing, uploading, trying to get all of this done alone. People are just getting one person’s point of view and opinion and not a whole bunch of different people.”

A. ~ “How do you do everything for PLUG by yourself?

Chandria ~ “*Starts laughing* It’s really a lot. I do it all little by little. I start with titles, order of people, then each article by people. I interview and email people. Everyday I do little by little to get it all done.”

A. ~ “What genre of music are the artists in Issue 1 placed in?

Chandria ~ “There are two genre’s; 50% hip-hop/rap and 50% r&b. One producer is also include in Issue 1. Some of the artists do both; they rap and also sing. You’ll also see people who do fashion, that are well-known in Philly. One girl is a well-known blogger in Philly, so she had to be in PLUG. She featured me on her blog, so it was only right for me to reciprocate the love.”

A. ~ “As PLUG grows, do you want to keep interviewing local Philly artists only or take it to a global scale?”

Chandria ~ “I still want it to be local artists, but local, upcoming, underground artists all around the globe. It’s not just going to be solely about Philly local artists, but local artists in major cities around the world. I don’t want to focus on artist who already made it. They’re signed. They’re good.”

A. ~ “Last but certainly not least, where do you see PLUG magazine and yourself in five years?”

Chandria ~ “Hopefully it gets really big! I definitely want to release two issues a year. If I get a team, we can do even more issues throughout the year. But as of right now, since it’s a one person thing, I’m not releasing as many issues as bigger magazines. I thought if this doesn’t work out, I could work for a magazine company but nah, I wanted to start my own business. I can’t work for somebody. Maybe one day there will be print copies of PLUG. It’s 2016! A digital magazine was best for right now. Nobody picks up print anymore. Physical copies are so rare.”

I had so much fun doing this interview and learning more about PLUG Magazine. The links below are where you can go to stay connected.

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