BlackGirlMagic Picnic

Today we toasted to being beautiful, strong, intelligent, creative, hard-working, sophista-ratchet, BLACK WOMEN! Sapphira Martin, creator of SassBoxx (subscription box service), invited me to her BlackGirlMagic picnic at Prospect Park! How could I possibly turn down that invitation? Since I’ve been in NYC for a year now, I love continuously meeting new people. We drank wine, ate pizza, and had delicious cupcakes. I met some really dope, amazing women today. We laughed a lot and had great conversations about a bunch of different topics. People don’t think women, black women specifically, can sit together collectively and have a great time. We are living proof that the statement is indeed false. I love everything about being a black woman. It is important that we continue to have more events like this and encourage/support one another.

I have listed the details of my outfit below!

T-Shirt – H&M

Chambray Shorts – Forever21

Sandals – Aldo

Satchel Bag  – H&M

Earrings – Your Local Beauty Supply Store

Box Braids – Done by yours truly 🙂


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