Sorry MAC, Tarte It Is!



I remember back in 2014, working at Bloomingdales, which was when everybody’s eyebrows started to be “on fleek”. I didn’t then and still don’t know a ton about make-up. I have two make-up bags full of lipsticks, but concealer, foundation, or anything like that wasn’t and still isn’t my cup of tea. I applaud and salute all the amazing, talented make-up artists I know personally or follow on Instagram, who create works of art! My coworker and I were always shopping around at the MAC counter when one day she told me about their “Spiked” eyebrow liner. I instantly bought it and loved how my eyebrows looked. Two years later, I’m saying my goodbye’s to MAC’s eyebrow liner and saying hello to Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse.

My mom is the queen of perfect eyebrows! Naturally, my mom is beyond gorgeous, inside and out and when she does her eyebrows and make-up it’s flawless,natural, and beautiful. Two weeks ago I came home and was going to a rooftop party in Philly with one of my girlfriends. Philadelphia is a big city but it’s still somewhat small. Every time I go out, I am bound to see someone I know; it never fails! I begged my mom to do my eyebrows and being as though she’s the best mom ever, she did them! Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse is what she used. I was amazed by how smooth the brow mousse was. My eyebrows looked so natural and I received so many compliments that day. A few days later I happened to run out of  my MAC eyebrow liner; how convenient? Of course, I texted my mom, asking her the details on Tarte. Later that day, thankfully with a gift card to Sephora that still had a few dollars left on it, I was able to buy my own! The cost is $30; I know my jaw dropped to the floor too. Tarte is known for being a natural, healthy cosmetics line  while including ingredients such a vitamins, minerals, planet extracts, and other essential oils. In general, I’ve been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and make-up should be included. Now, I’m obsessed with Tarte and want to check out more of their products. I will surely recommend it to anybody looking for a great cosmetic brand for their eyebrows.

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