Tomboy Chic – Shaniqua J. 

This week is flying by! It’s already Wednesday, which means we are mid-way through the work week; Yay! It always a great feeling to see women, especially young black women, in the fashion industry hustling hard. They are paving the way for the rest of us with enormous dreams and visions for the future. Let’s take some time out of today to discuss someone who is a style inspiration and icon, Shaniqua J. If you follow SIMPLICITYxSTYLE on Instagram or website, then you know who she is. Shaniqua J. is a NY based freelance fashion stylist, who is forever slaying! Her looks are bold, fresh, and unique. She is simply gorgeous! If I could describe the vibe I get when I see her style, it would be tomboy chic. Sometimes I’ll find myself wanting to take on my inner tomboy chic, wearing a tulle skirt with sneakers for example. As you see from the photos above, she can do it all! Heels, sneakers, boots, whatever it is, she’s going to kill it without a doubt. I look at her looks from time to time and wonder how she came up with it! Who would have thought to put those pieces together? She’s an inspiration for many reasons but the main one is that Shaniqua J. show’s women that we are capable of putting together a simple look but still be extremely chic and turning heads wherever you go.  Pushing the envelopes of fashion and not sticking to the norm is what makes SIMPLICITYxSTYLE stand out as a brand, and her as a person.