Last night I came across this photo on Facebook. I’m not sure who these little girls are but this picture made me so happy for so many reasons; let me explain. When I was growing up, my friends and I were all users of that creamy crack (perm). As soon as I felt the slightest bit of new growth, I would beg my mom to give me a perm. Long, straight, silky hair is what was idealized when I was a child. I never even thought about being natural and being happy with my God-given hair texture. I honestly can’t even think of anyone that I could have looked up to with natural hair when I was a child. That just wasn’t a thing. That’s not what society pictured as being glamorous or beautiful. Black girls and women have the hair, features, and culture that now so many others want. We no longer concerned about what society may think about big, curly, kinky hair. It’s #BlackGirlMagic baby! We rock it. We kill it. We slay.

I’ve been natural for almost three years now. The first year I didn’t get perms, but I cut my hair very short and was not comfortable wearing it curly. Now, I could not imagine being anything but a beautiful, black, natural, curly-haired woman. My sisters, who are younger than me, become natural after I made the transition. Seeing how happy and freakin’ adorable these little girls in this photo are makes my heart smile! They are all different skin tones with different hair colors and textures. They are actually dressed like little girls and not little women. One of the many things I love about being black is that we are oh so very different in our own special ways. Us as black women, set an example for our daughters, sisters, nieces, and cousins. They look up to us. When we show them we are comfortable and confident in the enormous amount of beauty we possess, they will follow our lead and hold their heads high. This photo just embraces the fact that more and more young black girls are happy in the skin they are in! I like to think of their big hair as a big crown, fit for the princesses we are raising to one day be queens.


  1. I love this photo!! These girls are having way too much fun!! They SHOULD embrace their beauty and all that gorgeous hair! My daughter is constantly looking for things to make her hair curl the way she wants. Her curl pattern lies in the 3b-3c range. I swany I believe her curls are so tight that the roots screw right on down through her skull and tickle her brain 😜😜
    She has fought the battle of the curling wand and the flat iron. Now, she’s happy with what she has and it’s simply gorgeous. Great post. #curlsrule #curlygirls #curlyhairdontcare


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