Last Woman/Warrior On Earth

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“W” Magazine’s September 2016 cover features the fierce, fabulous, fashion icon, Badgal Riri! I love Rihanna so much. She’s just so badass and does everything flawlessly. This is was the perfect time for her to do yet another magazine cover. I still listen to her last album, “ANTI”, everyday. It’s her best one thus far. Edward Enninful, creative director of W Magazine, said he was inspired by military style for this photo shoot. The traditional camouflage look wasn’t what he wanted to go for, since Rihanna likes to stay fresh and new. In the past, Rihanna had done a traditional military look; this future world look went perfectly. The two collaborated and came up  with this post-apocalyptic queen theme. I love it; Rihanna killed it! The magazine cover captures your heart and draws you in to want to see more photos. It’s absolutely stunning; jewels dripping from her face! Metal keys, chains, and jewels are shown all throughout the photos. Designers like Maison Margiela, Dior, and Prada are just a few who played a part in Rihanna’s looks. I’m super excited and anxious for this issue to hit the stands!


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