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Laughing and smiling, just being simply me, is what I try to do on a regular basis. I being me; from my big curly hair, to my caramel brown skin, to my super long legs. Sometimes when life gets crazy, I have to stop and remind myself that there’s so much to be happy about. It’s the second day of August, meaning we only have four more months of 2016. That’s crazy to me because I’m really trying to figure out where the time went. There’s still so much I want to do and see in life. In the meantime, I’m doing what I love and have so many amazing people around me who support me through everything!

This look I have picture above is so simple but so chic; shot right in the hallway of my Brooklyn apartment. My curls came out so perfect! When your team natural, sometimes you’re not too sure of how your hair is going to come out. I was very happy with the results of my bantu knots. My long black vest is from my previous job. They often gave outerwear away for donation and employees were able to pick whatever they wanted. I’ve had my top for years from Forever21. It’s 100% Rayon, so it gets wrinkled so fast but I love the color of the top on my skin tone. I’m always iffy about wearing neutral colors because there is a good possibility that it may clash with my skintone. That isn’t the case with this top, they actually compliment each other. Since I’ve moved to New York, I haven’t seen a Francesca’s clothing store. That is where I bought these shorts from. I’m always down to wear tribal prints. You can never go wrong with black and white, right? They are to basic colors that you can mix and match with anything. My mom always says how much she doesn’t like this necklace but I don’t know why. To me, it’s cute because it gives off this vintage, rustic look. I always say Steve Madden sandals are for sit down and look cute occasions ONLY. I’ve only worn these fringe sandals once but they kill my feet! Oh the things us women do to look cute!

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  1. Totally agree that Madden shoes can have that problem. I actually have the original Stuart Weitzman version of that shoe, and it’s very wearable thanks to the engineering in it. Madden is great though if you want a statement shoe that won’t get worn all that much.

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