If you know me personally, you know I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. After having an hour-long conversation with my grandmom, I started to feel better. For the past week, a spark of inspiration has grown inside of me, pushing me to go harder with my blog. Everything I do is done with my whole heart; no half-ass anything over here! As soon as I got off the phone with my grandmom, I knew this would be the perfect time to start putting looks together for a photo shoot. Aley, my amazing photographer is also a blogger, a friend, and one of my roommates! She does such a dope job with photography, it’s mind-blowing. We were both home on this day so we figured why not shoot?

When I put every piece of this look on, I knew I wanted to shoot on my roof. As you’ve seen from previous post, I go up on my roof a lot; just to observe and take in the beautiful view of the city. I love, love, love graffiti! Growing up I saw it all the time in Philly. In certain places, I wondered how people were able to reach that high! It’s just always been so captivating to me and the graffiti on my roof made this the perfect location for this particular look.


This picture above is my ultimate favorite of all the many pictures Aley took! I call this look “CrazySexyCool” because those are the three exact words that describe how I felt while doing this shoot. This photo exemplifies that title. I’ll explain the title a little further. The crazy is just necessary because naturally I’m a crazy person, in a good way of course, if you really know me. So I was doing a bunch of different poses that popped into my head while we were shooting.

Sexy comes into play partly because of the bodysuit. Bodysuit’s are essential for spring, summer, fall, and winter. They are extremely flattering, especially if it has a deep-V back, like the one I have on. My black bodysuit is 100% Spandex, made by Free People, but purchased at Bloomingdales. I’ve had this bodysuit for a year and have gotten so much use out of it. In the fall/winter, you can wear it easily with a cardigan or blazer and go about your day.

These camouflage cargo’s capture the cool! I’ve had these cargo’s for forever. They are from Urban Outfitters. I remember going shopping with my aunt and spotting these; there was no way around it, they had to be mine. Size wise, I got that happy medium between baggy and tight. A couple of the pictures I thought to myself, “where is my butt hiding?” It’s nothing huge, just a little cupcake, but the slight bagginess of my cargo’s hides it.

If you’ve been following my journey as a blogger, you know my story about these shoes and the clutch. I can whole-heartedly admit I have a shopping problem so, these are both things I made sure were in my possession as soon as my eyes saw them. The shoes are from Aldo and the clutch is made by SkinnyDip but purchased from ASOS.


I had so much fun with this shoot and can’t wait for more! My curls were flourishing and my melanin was on fleek. A bunch of laughter occurred and was definitely necessary. Remember, do and wear what makes YOU happy!

Be Fashion. Be Creative. Be Free.

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