Draya Michele

From special events to street wear, Draya Michele is fly effortlessly. Whenever I happen to come across her instagram, she never fails to amaze me with the dope outfits she has on. It can be a simple outfit and somehow she makes it look like everything. Even when she was pregnant a few months ago, she slayed; her body snap-back was CRAZY! A lot of times I’ll see how she put something together and I think to myself, “I need this whole look in my closet right now” or “how can I possibly recreate this look, while including my own personal style?” Sexy and chic are the vibes she always gives off! I just love her style, point blank period.

(all photos courtesy of Instagram)

Floral Track Suit – Adidas

Shoes – Alexander Wang

Bracelets – Vitaly Design


Dress – YSL

Shoes – Azzedine Alaia


Dress – The Kooples


Bomber – Oak

“Tis’ This Season To Be Skinny” t-shirt – The Skinny

Distressed Denim Shorts – Oak

Bag – Tom Ford

Shoes – YSL

Sunglasses – Versace

Choker  – Nasty Gal


Choker – Manokhi

Dress – House of CB

Shoes – Tom Ford


Choker – Manokhi

Dress – Anicy Manuguian

Duster – House of CB

Shoes – The Kooples

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